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A step forward: Soft Splash Pads

We’re introducing the Soft Splash Pad, an almost classic aquatic attraction and a proven and effective concept present in facilities around the world, that Amusement Logic is taking one step further. Indeed, many children are already enjoying the Splash Pads that we have installed in different parts of the world. These are shallow aquatic spaces, personalised with a wide range of children's games from our catalogue: sprays, jets, water pistols, a variety of Spray Toons, other custom-created figures, slides and a long etcetera. However, with new designs and the innovative application of a special material, the Soft Splash Pad represents [...]

02.02.2021|New Products|

Espherium: new children’s Splash Pad games

New attractions allow leisure facilities to stand out from what’s on offer, so that they can present the novelty at the beginning of the season and publicise that they have first attraction of its kind in the world, country or place. Therefore, guided by our market knowledge, part of our endeavours is dedicated to innovation. Today, in this section, we present Espherium: a new children’s game intended to complement or, if so desired by operators, to take the leading role in Splash Pads. We have created a series of shapes in 3DTech, in what were originally different size spheres, which [...]

O-PLAY: Different shaped games

We’re presenting a new concept of children's structure with slides, the O-Play, to turn what was once a mere access route, into a true adventure. To the thrill of sliding down the slides, we add the fun and challenge of finding how to get to them. On the O-Play, children have to pass through curved geometric labyrinths and even crawl through tunnels, to finally reach the exit platform and jump down the slide. A different and more organic way of approaching the classic slide structure. Made with modules that we manufacture with 3D-Tech technology, we combine them with nets and [...]


This time we’re presenting a new game designed for interior spaces, formed by a series of brightly-coloured padded triangular volumes. It is a puzzle whose pieces allow kids to create a tailor-made topography, of customizable size and shape. The installation recaptures classic construction games, but in this case in a modern, life-size version with greater interactive possibilities for users. The pieces of the “Puzzle” model can be stepped on and designed to be used and not just to complete a shape or an image. In this case, the image is abstract and geometric, so it offers a larger exercise field [...]

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