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We’re introducing the Soft Splash Pad, an almost classic aquatic attraction and a proven and effective concept present in facilities around the world, that Amusement Logic is taking one step further.

Indeed, many children are already enjoying the Splash Pads that we have installed in different parts of the world. These are shallow aquatic spaces, personalised with a wide range of children’s games from our catalogue: sprays, jets, water pistols, a variety of Spray Toons, other custom-created figures, slides and a long etcetera. However, with new designs and the innovative application of a special material, the Soft Splash Pad represents the evolution of the attraction. In addition to the fun that children find in Splash Pads, we’re adding the warmth, comfort and safety of soft and spongy surfaces.

Water is still present in the Soft Splash Pads environment, without losing its prominence. But now, the floor, the figures, the stairs, the games, everything is cushioned with a delicate and soft foam that adds new attributes to the ensemble: pleasant to touch, flexibility, rubber elasticity, comfort… Without a doubt, a dream for any child. For them, playing on the Soft Splash Pads will be like playing inside a warm and friendly cloud. As with each of our Splash Pads, there are endless options for defining the identity and character our Soft Splash Pads.

The material that surrounds the playing elements and which covers the floor allows for a wide variety of colours and can be adjusted to virtually any shape. It has high chemical and structural stability and is resistant to ultraviolet rays, to the chemical agents of treated water and to ageing. In addition to these characteristics, it has low water absorption, it’s washable and easy to disinfect, non-toxic and extremely light. It is also non-slip and shock absorbing, its surface is smooth, non-abrasive and perfect for barefoot use, and kind to elbows, hands and knees.

In addition to the safety that Splash Pads offer as shallow water attractions, they also offer a cushioned space. Soft Splash Pads will bring innovation to leisure venues around the globe. Like their close relatives, they will be a unique attraction for shopping centre visitors, hotel and resort guests, water parks users, urban residents and, in general, for all citizens in public spaces and other locations. Soft Splash Pad, a world-exclusive, welcoming and fun installation that takes children’s comfort and entertainment to the next level.

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