Canyoning circuits in controlled environments

Canyoning park – Subjetive camara

Artificial Canyoning circuit of annual operation that recreates the action and adventure of this mountain sport, in a realistic and natural environment with the following activities:

  • Winding course with different degrees of difficulty

  • Jumps into the water from 3m to 10m (It has 11 pools elevated at different heights

  • Rocky slides

  • Abseiling descents under waterfalls

  • Climbing areas with ropes and ladders

  • Jump into an underground river in a grotto from 6m in height in total darkness

  • Zip line with water landing
  • Swimming pools and spa areas for relaxation after the course

This product, adaptable to any terrain, is offered on a turnkey basis, including:

  • Construction of the circuit with artificial gunited rocks

  • Supply and installation of pools
  • Galvanized metallic support structures

  • Complete filtration and pumping system

  • Supply and installation of equipment for the climbing and descent areas

  • Construction of swimming pool and spas in the relaxation area
  • Construction of a cafeteria-restaurant
  • Construction of the restrooms and changing rooms
  • Construction of a kid’s games area for children under eight years old
  • Illumination for night time use
  • Security cameras along the entire circuit
  • Construction of a parking area