Canyoning Waterparks

Our experience of more than two decades in the worldwide construction of water parks, drives us to innovate and go one step further: we present Canyoning Waterpark, a unique aquatic facility in the sector.

Canyoning Waterpark is a natural hybridization between the refreshing activities typical of water parks and the outdoor sports activities that take place in Canyoning Parks.

This union of two concepts benefits from each of the parts: the water park provides slides, waves, children’s games and general fun, whilst the canyoning park adds attractions for adventure, climbing, jumping, zip lines and other activities that stimulate higher levels of adrenaline in users. Canyoning Waterpark therefore becomes an aquatic facility with an unrivalled offer of experiences in the market.

With a particular and customized theming for each Canyoning Waterpark project, we recreate different environments and landscapes, both real and fantastic. In addition, this new concept offers the advantage of integrating seamlessly into difficult orography and terrains that are not suitable for building hotels or campsites. In addition, the Canyoning Waterpark expands the seasonal options and operating hours to maximize the profitability of the facilities.

In this type of project we provide the following services:

  • Site selection
  • Conceptual design
  • Investment estimation
  • Market and feasibility studies
  • Complete architectural and engineering project (preliminary project, basic project and executive project).
  • Construction management

The construction, supply and installation of the following elements:

  • Water attractions (slides, children’s games, splash pads, etc.).
  • Artificial rock circuits
  • Swimming pools and technical rooms
  • Hydraulic systems (filtration, pumping, chemical treatment, water movement)
  • Metallic structures and towers
  • Adventure games (nets, wooden bridges, zip lines, safety equipment and other mechanical elements)
  • Theming (manufacture, supply and installation of artificial rocks, props and other decorative and theming elements)