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  • What is Eco-housing?
    Eco-housing, or themed integrated housing, are buildings based on ecological architecture. The company Arquitectura Tecno-Temática is specialised in this type of constructions.
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  • Does Amusement Logic build rock climbing walls?
    Yes. Amusement Logic constructs unique themed rock climbing walls, made to measure according to the clients needs. Please contact our Sales Department for further information.
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  • Does Amusement Logic provide financing?
    Amusement Logic is unable to finance entire leisure projects. However, in special situations, we can finance part of the products that we sell and help the client obtain financing if it were necessary. For further information on this, please contact our Sales Department.
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  • Can I, as a public organisation, remodel my old public pool to make it more profitable and attractive to the public?
    Amusement Logic has successfully carried out numerous rehabilitations and refurbishments of public pools throughout Spain.
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  • Does Amusement manufacture fibreglass swimming pools for private homes?
    Not directly. Amusement Logic recommends the leading Spanish fibreglass pools manufacturer Piscinas Cano, with a balanced relationship between quality, price and after-sales service. To obtain more information on this company, click here.
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  • How much does an Extreme Park cost?
    The total investment to construct a Canyoning Park type Extreme Park, including an adventure area, is in the region of 4 million Euros
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  • Does Amusement Logic work for public organisations?
    Amusement Logic holds official classification as a public works contractor company and is inscribed in the Official Register of Classified Companies of the Ministry of Economics and Treasury, which means it may be contracted by Public Organisations.
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  • Does Amusement Logic supply turn-key?

    Amusement Logic can supply any turn-key project, although subject to conditions which must be negotiated. For further information, please contact us.

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  • Does Amusement Logic work on a worldwide level?
    Yes, Amusement Logic works in any country in the world, except when the political situation or conflicts impede it.
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Water Parks

  • How should a swimming pool be filtered in order to have good quality water?
    Primarily, it is important that the hydraulic engineering project contemplates adequate filtration rates and recirculation times. Amusement Logic uses a filtration rate of 30 m3/h, in comparison with the 40 m3/h or 50 m3/h that other competing companies use. A lower filtration rate implies lower consumption of chemical products and guarantees an excellent water quality. This requires a slightly higher initial investment in hydraulic equipment, but it is redeemed with the reduction in yearly chemical treatment costs in less than three years.

    Concerning the water recirculation times, these should take into consideration the type of pool (adults’, children’s, slides’ reception, or wave pool). For example, a children’s swimming pool requires much higher recirculation times than the remaining pools, so that the water is always clean.
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  • Are water parks safe?
    Since more than a decade ago, water parks have been generalised as a family leisure option: the combination of sun, grass, pools and numerous attractions make them a favourite place to visit, especially for the youngest children.

    Unfortunately, on too many occasions fun and safety do not always go hand in hand: taking a dip and extreme descents do not only bring laughter and cooling down, but sometimes scratches, heat-stroke and drowning. Sometimes the problem lies in the bad design of the attractions or a deficiency of the area, and other times those responsible for the recklessness are the users.

    The ideal water park

    A centre of these characteristics should be well designed and include determined installations. This is what a safe water park is like:

    In the enclosed area

    There is a detailed plan at the entrance to the park, as well as a list of rules of operation, prohibitions and limitations.

    There are sufficient shaded areas.
    There are sufficient drinking water points that are accessible and clearly sign-posted.
    There is medical attention within the park.
    There are safety exits that allow for the correct evacuation of the public. There are also emergency accesses (for ambulances for example).
    The electrical installations are closed and insulated.
    Comfortable changing rooms and guarantees of hygiene.
    Sufficient showers, before accessing the attractions, spread throughout the park.
    It has non-slip paving, especially around the pool basin areas.
    The team of lifesavers is sufficient: they should be located at the beginning and at the end of the attractions and at intermediary points if the installations are very long. They accomplish their function efficiently with crossed vigilance in the swimming pools, etc.
    Independent kid’s pool with a maximum depth of 0,6 m.
    Informative detailed signs where the warnings, prohibitions and limitations (of age, height, etc.) are clearly expressed in a graphic manner (with symbols, icons, in several languages, etc.)

    On the attractions

    The joints and surfaces of the attractions are smooth and do not scratch nor rasp.
    They have handrails in all the areas where there is risk of falling.
    There are starting crossbars or handles on the attractions.
    The designs are safe: gently sloped final sections on the slides: slopes on the curves, tracks with undulations to regulate speed …

    For your safety

    Carefully read the instructions and indications and respect the prohibitions: they are there for a reason.

    Don’t lose sight of the smallest children. Don’t be overconfident, just because they are wearing floats: they should never be a substitute for adult supervision.

    If an accident occurs, alert the lifesavers as soon as possible so that they take charge of the situation.

    Ensure that the accident remains registered in the incidents form of the day: in this way, inspections will be made aware of the accident and measures can be taken to provide a solution.

    If you have a claim to make, contact the Health and Consumer Services of your Region. Keep the entry ticket to the park (with the date, etc.): this is your document of proof.

    It’s not just us saying this. This source of information is from the Organisation of Users and Consumers
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  • Is it necessary to carry out maintenance for the park during the winter time?
    The swimming pool always requires maintenance, however in the winter, this maintenance is more spread out, the water lasting for two to three years in this way, and the only worry being about the level of water lost by evaporation.
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  • What should be first taken into consideration when building a water park?
    Whether economic profitability is being sought (in the case of private investors), or social profitability, (for public projects), every project should be based on a potential market study and on a sizing of the project according to the visitors’ expectations. It is fundamental that the water park is family oriented and that it is duly structured, allowing an adequate visitor per m2 ratio, taking into account such important aspects as safety, variety of experiences, adequate circulation flows etc.

    Carrying out a feasibility study in an exhaustive, rigorous and professional way is essential for the success of a water park.
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  • What would be the correct proportion between the surface area of the swimming pools and the “dry” space of an indoor water park?
    Even though we could use statistics to provide an answer to the question, that would not be right as the design of any leisure project, including water parks, should be based on preceding studies. The said studies allow us to gain in-depth knowledge of the objective public, their habits and preferences. We have to take into account that the characteristics of the objective public will be differ according to the place in which the construction of the project is proposed and also culture, traditions and even religion will all be influential. It is for this reason that we always insist that a solid market study, prior to the construction of the park is fundamental in order to avoid errors in the project design.

    In general, it is true that in indoor projects, there is a greater amount of water per square metre of the total surface area than in outdoor ones. This is principally due to the fact that indoor parks seek a larger rotation of the public. But, the correct proportion, as we have mentioned previously, should be based on previous market studies. Accomplishing a balanced park, focused on a real and not fictitious public, allows one of the best results in its management, greater profitability and shorter periods for return on investments.
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  • I have a very uneven terrain, can I build a water park?
    Without a doubt. In fact an uneven terrain is more favourable than a completely flat one. On the one hand, the natural slopes can be taken advantage of to install slides on, which reduces the need for metallic support structures for the same (and consequently the investment costs are reduced).

    On the other hand, an uneven terrain will help with the landscape integration of the complex and to reduce up to a point, its environmental impact.
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  • What is the most important area of a water park to consider in the development of a project?
    In our experience and that of the management of the main existing water parks, the children’s area is the most important, over and above any other.
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  • What slides are the most advisable for a water park?
    Nowadays there are a multitude of slides that offer different sensations and capacities. What is important when determining the type of slides to install in a new project or in the expansion of an existing project, is on the one hand, to offer a variety and diversity of sensations, in a way that all the users can enjoy the slides. Another essential consideration is to maintain a balance between the slides and the capacity of the park, in such a way that neither the user has to queue to get on a ride, (which causes dissatisfaction amongst visitors), nor is there an over-estimation of the quantity of slides (which will produce excessive investment and reduced profitability).
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  • Are the water slide tubes included in the supply of the slides?
    No, unless expressly requested by the client. We have a large variety of water slide tubes for use on different types of water slides. Please visit our Online Store to see the different models and prices available.
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  • How long does it take to build a water park?
    Depending on its size, type of installations and theming, the construction period of a water park can fluctuate between seven and twelve months.
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  • Can sea water be used in a water park?
    Yes, it’s possible. For this, bronze pumps should be used in the filtration and pumping system. Although bronze pumps are more expensive than traditional filtration pumps, the use of sea water greatly reduces annual chemical products costs, so the greater cost of investment is recuperated in the short term.
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  • From what materials are the slides manufactured?
    The water slides are mainly constructed in modules of fibreglass reinforced polyester. However, new slides manufactured with injected plastics, mainly for children, are being introduced into the industry.
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  • Are indoor water parks profitable?
    Indoor water parks can have elevated social and political profitability. Their economic profitability depends upon many variables which must be considered, and therefore it is absolutely necessary to have a good feasibility study of the project that is to be developed. One of the main problems is the entrance capacity, which is usually limited, which is why a good design that takes into account the maximisation of the spaces to be used is imperative.

    The investment recovery fluctuates between seven and ten years.
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  • In what period of time is the investment recuperated?
    On average the construction is studied so that the investment can be recuperated in a maximum period of 5 years. Parks have been built that have recovered the investment in less than three years, but in very special circumstances (excellent location, very touristic area and a benevolent climate allowing a higher than average yearly operation).
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  • How much land do I need to build a water park?
    Between 15000 and 125000 m2 are the recommended minimum and maximum surface areas.
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  • How much does it cost to build a water park?
    There are many factors that intervene in the construction costs of a water park. Apart from the cost of the terrain, which depends greatly upon its location, the costs will depend on the total surface area to be developed, the number and type of slides and attractions to be considered, the surface areas of water for the swimming pools and mainly the type and surface area of the buildings which are to be built, (for offices, lockers, changing rooms, restaurants, etc.).

    In our experience, the total investment required varies between 3 and 18 million Euros, always in accordance with the size of the terrain and the type of installations to be carried out.

    In general terms it can be affirmed that from 60 to 75% are civil works costs, (buildings, pavements, car park, plantrooms and other infrastructures), and the remaining costs correspond to the attractions, games and hydraulic systems for parks from 35000 to 70000m2. As the size of the terrain decreases, the percentages of civil works costs descend.
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  • What is a water park?
    Water parks are places of recreation focused principally on family relaxation and amusement in harmony with nature. They are designed for all ages and activities, (mainly aquatic ones), and should have a balanced distribution of spaces for fun, green areas, sports and relaxation zones.
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What is required to open a water park

  • Where do I start?
    The project’s feasibility must be determined. For this, an expert company must be consulted who will advise you and be able to evaluate from the very beginning, the initial cost and return on investment.
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  • What are the minimum dimensions?
    There is no minimum area of terrain, however, it must be taken into account that waterpark attractions are very large and they need sufficient space in order to accommodate the different park zones and facilitate the circulation of park guests. An expert company can assist you with the initial park zoning and as such, be able to easily delimit the required terrain.
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  • What type of attractions can I put in my water park?
    It is vital to have a variety of attractions that satisfy all the clients, from the smallest children, to teenagers, adults and even senior citizens who wish to spend a day of leisure in your park.
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  • What other type of installations do I need?
    Apart from the different attractions, other essential facilities must be considered, such as changing rooms, restaurants, gift shops, event rooms, and so on.
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  • How do I do the zoning of the park?
    For this, you can ask an expert company or architect for assistance. Easy access to the different zones must be ensured, there must be good circulation, shaded areas, public bathrooms in high transit areas and so on.
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  • What are the regulations for waterparks?
    There are extensive regulations regarding waterpark facilities, to guarantee the safety and hygiene of the swimming pools and attractions. An expert company in the sector will advise you on all the regulations with which your facility must comply.
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  • How do I calculate the investment for a waterpark?
    There are multiple factors that influence the level of investment for the construction of a waterpark, (characteristics of the terrain, location, levels, climate,…). We must be clear, that even if we are planning a small park, we are not talking about a small-scale project and we must be sure about if we can deal with the investment alone or if we will need investment partners.
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  • Where do I start with the investment calculation?
    Firstly, basic details have to be considered, such as if our park can be open all year long or if it will be seasonal and according to this, evaluate if we want and indoor or outdoor park.
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  • Where can I obtain financing for my waterpark project?
    For an investment of these kinds of characteristics, your own available investment should be considered, as well as bank credits, investors and state grants that can contribute to the project’s development.
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  • Once I have financing, what is the next step?
    Obtaining funding is one of the more difficult steps. Once the type of investment we have is clear, then it will probably be necessary to resize the project in accordance to the investment obtained.
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  • What are the main costs to take into account for this type of project?
    At first, the main costs to take into account would be the purchase of the terrain, attractions and facilities of the park. It will also be very important to calculate, in accordance to these facilities, the energy costs that we will have, as well as personnel and insurance costs.
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  • What is a feasibility study for?
    A feasibility study is a fundamental tool when forecasting the expenditure and revenue balance that the park will have, as well as studying market trends. It will also be required in order to present our project to investors or moneylenders, together with a sound Business Plan.
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Theming and Decoration

  • Can artificial rock technology be used to reproduce other decorative elements?
    Artificial rock technology can imitate virtually any object or texture: pavements, trees, rocky coatings, wooden coverings, stone-face, animals, boats, architectonic elements, sculptured monuments, waterfalls, fountains, natural river areas and almost anything imaginable.
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  • What is the guarantee period for theming constructions?
    Amusement Logic guarantees all its theming works, (artificial rocks, pavements and renders) for a period of 10 years.
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  • Why not use natural rocks?
    The difficulty in transporting and manipulating natural rock not only makes the installation process more expensive, it also restricts the size of blocks that can be used, greatly limiting the configuration possibilities. In this way the shape and placement of natural rock can be very difficult or almost impossible to control. Whereas, artificial rock is made to measure and in-situ.
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  • What finish does the artificial rock have?
    After the building process, the rock is coloured with acrylics and / or acids without “skin”, which means that the dye penetrates into the pore of the rock, enhancing as such its natural look.
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  • Are the theming works resistant?
    Yes, as resistant as reinforced mortar.
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  • Can I adapt a traditional swimming pool to new theming tendencies?
    Any swimming pool can be restored and adapted to the most modern and current aesthetics, after having carried out an exhaustive technical study and conceptual re-design.
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  • How long does it take to build artificial rock?
    It depends on the number of m2 to be developed. In general terms, a theming team from Amusement Logic can construct between 600 m2 and 1000 m2 per month.
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  • What maintenance does artificial rock require?
    Minimal cleaning with water. The weather and the elements enrich its appearance with the passing of the years.
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  • Does Amusement Logic carry out theme projects for private homes?
    In general, no we don’t, but we do study all proposals.
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  • How much does the artificial rock weigh?

    Depending on the type of rock, its weight can vary between 150 kg and 250 kg per square metre.

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  • How are the artificial rocks built?
    Amusement Logic primarily utilizes the technique that uses projected (gunited) mortar with additives, applied over a metallic structure with a stapled geo-textile mesh. The thickness of the projected mortar varies between 8cm and 10cm (in two projections), the second layer being hand-sculpted by our artists to obtain the desired appearance and texture.

    Once the rock has been carved, the painting process can proceed.
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  • What is the main function of artificial rock?
    The main function is aesthetic. Other practical functions include the concealment of installations, the renewal of ornamental coverings and the creation of pavements.
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  • What are artificial rocks?
    They are a realistic recreation, by means of special constructive techniques, of any class of rocks or stones that exist in nature, a technique that Amusement Logic amply dominates.
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  • What is theming?
    In short, theming is a technique for the reproduction of natural elements such as rocks, trees, waterfalls, etc.; historic elements, (pavements, renders, stone blocks, tiles, paving stones from any era, etc.); traditional elements, (stones, slates, etc.); or modern elements, by means of the use of mortars, special additives and other construction materials.
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Online Store

  • Who does the Online Store belong to?
    The owner of the Online Store is:
    Amusement Logic S.L.
    Calle dels Velluters 2
    Poligono Industrial Vara de Quart
    46014 Valencia
    Tax number: B96593710

    Tel: (34) 961 58 1614
    Fax: (34) 961 56 5346
    E-mail: info “at”
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  • What products does the Online Store offer?
    We are a company dedicated to the world of leisure and we offer a wide range of specialized services and products for all types of leisure installations.

    Our objective is to offer through the Online Store, an extensive choice of leisure articles to both professional and non-professional clients. However, if you are unable to find the product you are looking for, or if you have a special request for a product that does not appear in the Online Store, please contact us.
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  • How can I buy the product that I like?
    There are two options to purchase products:

    You can create a user account and make your purchase with the “shopping cart”.
    You can directly contact our offices to place your order. All orders should be made via e-mail, fax or letter. Verbal orders will not be processed.

    On receiving notification of the order, whether via the shopping cart or in writing, we will send a pro forma invoice or offer to the client for their approval, before processing the order. Said approval by the client will also be made in writing, (fax, e-mail, letter).
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  • How can I pay for what I have bought?
    Payment should be made with a bank transfer. Our bank details will be provided to the client by means of the pro forma invoice or offer. The order will be processed as soon as the payment is received.
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  • Can I pay for the product on delivery?

    We do not currently offer this payment method.

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  • What is included in the price of the products published in the Online Store?

    The price of the articles sold in the Store does not include installation, (should this be necessary), nor shipping costs.

    All the prices exclude the corresponding V.A.T. All purchases made by individuals with address in the Member States of the European Union will have to pay Spanish V.A.T. at 21%. All purchases made by V.A.T. tax payers established in the Member States of the European Union will be exempt from paying V.A.T., as long as they provide us with their V.A.T. number beforehand.

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  • If the published price does not include VAT or shipping costs, how do I know how much I have to pay?
    Before processing the order, Amusement Logic will send a pro forma invoice or offer to the client for their approval. The total purchase price of the product will be reflected on said pro forma / offer, including the Spanish V.A.T. and the shipping costs of the product to the delivery address provided by the client. If we do not receive approval from the client of this total sum, we do not proceed with the order.
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  • Why aren’t the shipping costs included in the published prices?
    Given the dimensions and personalised nature of some of the products published in the Store, and therefore the specialised transport required, we are unable to establish fixed shipping costs.
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  • When will I receive what I’ve ordered?
    All the articles that we have in stock will be sent to the client within two working days. All orders of articles that we do not currently have in stock will be sent within a period of 15 to 45 days.
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  • How does Amusement Logic send the products?
    Amusement Logic sends the products to its clients using known transport companies. The delivery date to the client’s address will depend on the availability of the product and the delivery area.
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  • Will I receive an invoice for my purchase?
    All the purchases are confirmed with an invoice that will be sent to the client by post or by e-mail. All invoices are issued in € according to the current exchange rates.
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  • How do I install what I’ve bought?
    The products that require assembly will be sent with a complete installation manual.
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  • If the product that I receive is damaged, what do I do?
    We do everything possible to ensure that the products reach the client in perfect condition. However, should the product be damaged or defective when you receive it, we ask that you return it to us within 10 days, together with the original invoice. We will reimburse your money or change your product for another article of equal value that you choose. In the case of returns, the shipping and handling costs are not reimbursable. The merchandise that is returned to us should be complete, not damaged and not dirtied and if possible, with the original and intact packaging and labelling.
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  • Does Amusement Logic have a privacy policy for the Online Store?
    Yes. In the Amusement Logic Store we are committed to providing our customers with a secure, private, and enjoyable online shopping experience.
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  • What information does Amusement Logic collect?
    To shop in our store, we do not require that you create an account. We will ask for your name, email address, billing and shipping addresses and telephone numbers.
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  • How does Amusement Logic use personal information?
    The information you provide to purchase merchandise from the Amusement Logic Store is used to fulfil your order. In addition, when placing an order you will be invited to receive periodic newsletters with special promotions, new arrivals or new features of the site. You will have the option of not being added to this mailing list and you can remove yourself from our newsletter list by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of all newsletters.
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  • And the cookies?
    A cookie is a piece of data that identifies you as a unique user. When you visit our Store, we set a cookie on your computer to help identify you, customize your experience and maintain your account and order information.
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  • Does Amusement Logic share personal information?
    The Amusement Logic Store is operated by Amusement Logic S.L. to fulfil your orders only. We will not sell or rent any personal information to others. We may, however, disclose personal information if we believe we are required to do so by law or have a good faith belief that access, preservation or disclosure of such information is reasonably necessary to protect the rights, property or safety of Amusement Logic, or their respective users and the public.
    Personal information collected on the Amusement Logic Store may be stored and processed in Spain or any other country in which Amusement Logic or its agents maintain facilities. By using the Amusement Logic Store, you consent to any such transfer of information outside of your country.
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  • How does Amusement Logic keep my information safe?
    The personal information that you provide to the Amusement Logic Store is maintained on secure servers and protected by industry-standard Secure Socket Layer encryption.
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  • How do I update my details?
    If you have questions about the status of your orders or any other questions about the Amusement Logic Store, please email us at info “at”
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