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Originally, the shopping malls consisted of a group of stores in one or more buildings with hallways interconnecting them and allowed the visitors to walk from one store to another without leaving the place.  They became the soul of many communities, the core of  their retail economy,  and also a place where teenagers would gather and hang out. They were born in the EEUU and have spread all over the world. 

However, the rapid advance of the digital revolution (electronic stores and new digital technologies) and a change in global trends, has radically transformed consumer expectations. Now when people go to to the shopping malls they are looking for experiences beyond the traditional shopping. As these new trends advance, the shopping mall operators are forced to rethink the idea and how to operate their properties.





In fact, with the emergence of experiences, retail sale becomes a secondary pole of attraction for many shopping malls.  The customer’s go to a show, interesting activity, exciting attraction, to take a walk or spend the day, and while they are there, they shop. 

Information technologies are also an important factor in the transformation of the shopping malls. The challenge for these and their tenants is combining the ease of online shopping with the touch and feel of the physical store experience. Technology provides solutions to satisfactorily respond to this challenge.

The so-called beacon technology is being used to inform the shoppers in the malls about the promotions and events. Technology can even direct them towards specific products and immediate promotions in the stores. In addition, the functionality of smartphones is integrated into the access to the inventory of each store. On the other hand, collecting data on customers shopping habits allows to monitor behavior and tailor the shopping experience to their liking.  Lastly, a well placed tactile screen allows the shoppers to view 3D maps of the shopping mall, look for schedules of events, services, discounts, as well as situating themselves and download the store directions. And of course the cell phone charging stations becomes something common. 

In summary, these new trends imply investments in the following aspects:




Incorporate into the mall multiple restaurant, entertainment and leisure options.


Give the architecture a striking design that will remain in the memory of consumers and will engrave in their minds the shopping mall brand.


Incorporate residential and work spaces, apartments and offices, as well as parking lots, to give shopping  malls a purpose, create synergies and build them as comfortable facilities.


Implement strong and decisive  bets for new technologies, digitalization and virtual space.


Offer an architectural design of the common spaces, squares and hallways of the shopping center, which allow more meeting points and involve consumers with a sense of grandeur.


Amusement Logic offers solutions for shopping malls in all these aspects.

We can take care of it in whole or in part.

Turnkey project

Amusement Logic can develop the shopping mall project from the idea to the final construction: concept design, schematic design, detailed design, construction documents, interior design, selection of furniture and finishes, brand integration, study and development of prototypes, project management … and also civil engineering, plumbing and sanitation, high and low voltage and emergency electric installations, interior and exterior lighting, surveillance (alarms, cctv, etc.), home automation and communications, digitalization , management and maintenance …

Part of the Project

For the existing areas of the shopping mall, we can offer you the design, supply and installation of playgrounds for all ages, with or without aquatic facilities, as well as adventure circuits, diving pools, canyonings, trampolines, aquariums, etc. . We also do the design and construction of food courts,  shopping areas, common areas, squares and meeting points…

Our 3DTECH technology is also a fast and economical solution for the renovation of any existing architectural structure, facades, entrances, passageways …, or the execution of spectacular designs.

…Put us to the test, you will see that nothing escapes us.