We know children’s tastes, we know how to ensure their safety.

Refreshing solutions

We know children’s tastes, we know how to ensure their safety. Splash pads are the best solution, and the most refreshing one, for them to have fun with peace of mind, in complete safety.

Water-based play

Also known as “shallow water playgrounds”, Splash Pads are configured in a personalised and open way, with the same water games that we install in conventional children’s pools.

A true show

Splash pads can also be supplemented with jet sequencing and/or lighting devices.

Thus, they become a fun and wholesome show for children and their companions.

Versatility and completeness

Splash Pads are so versatile and complete that they can be installed either as an independent attraction in itself, or as a complementary attraction at other locations such as water parks, hotels, public spaces and swimming pools, camping sites, residential complexes, etc.


Thanks to Amusement Logic’s 3DTech technology, our Splash Pad can be configured with an almost infinite variety of elements. You can choose from the wide diversity of 3DTech figures that we already offer, or we can create ad hoc logos and personalised elements for each space and client.

A world of advantages

Splash Pads offer many advantages, as they avoid the risks involved in the depth of a pool and substantially reduce water and electricity consumption. And the construction and operating costs are lower than those of a similar sized pool. In addition, they are more accessible to children, encouraging them to move freely and safely and to enjoy the interactivity of the games. They are also accessible to children with reduced mobility.