With our advanced engineering services, take your project into the seventh dimension: BIM 7D.

After almost 30 years of designing and building complex projects, Amusement Logic offers you, with 7D BIM, the most advanced engineering and architectural services.

Technical drawings are no longer limited to floor plans and elevations. For some years now, three-dimensional representation software packages have been used, leaving behind the two dimensions of paper and gradually adding more levels of digital information (Building Information Management).

In the first 3D BIM tools, contextual information is added to the three-dimensional model: the materials proposed or the measurements taken, which is very useful for representing highly complex projects. Another step forward has been BIM 4D, which incorporates the time dimension, i.e., information on the supply and execution times required to complete the project.

We then moved on to 5D BIM, where we added the costs associated with the construction process, a fundamental tool for controlling the cash flow of any construction project.

BIM 6D adds information regarding the sustainability of materials and their ecological footprint.

Lastly, with 7D BIM, we close the project cycle by including all the information related to the operation and maintenance after the installation has been completed.

Amusement Logic provides 7D BIM services for any type of construction or industrial project, integrating any discipline and providing global and integral solutions to projects of any size and complexity.

We are a team with extensive international experience in the exploration of new territories.

We have more than 300 projects in 50 countries, and each one of them is unique.

We can develop your project in BIM 7D, or transform a project prepared in smaller dimensions into BIM 7D. Take the opportunity now to take your project to the seventh dimension with Amusement Logic’s BIM 7D services.