Tema: Aquatic games

A step forward: Soft Splash Pads

We’re introducing the Soft Splash Pad, an almost classic aquatic attraction and a proven and effective concept present in facilities around the world, that Amusement Logic is taking one step further. Indeed, many children are already enjoying the Splash Pads that we have installed in different parts of the world. These are shallow aquatic spaces, personalised with a wide range of children's games from our catalogue: sprays, jets, water pistols, a variety of Spray Toons, other custom-created figures, slides and a long etcetera. However, with new designs and the innovative application of a special material, the Soft Splash Pad represents [...]

02.02.2021|New Products|


In the world of amusement and adventure parks, new emotions are always sought, new ways to surprise users. With this objective in mind, we present the SplashTrack, an overhead track that incorporates the challenge of water and the choice of courses through the use of new technologies. Users access it with a safety harness that allows the free use of both hands and enables them to balance and jump from one platform to another safely, but without losing the challenge and excitement of overcoming obstacles. In fact, users themselves can choose from several routes with different degrees of difficulty. In addition, the adventure routes are bi-directional thanks to an intelligent system [...]

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