Published On: 09.04.2021|Categories: New Products|Tags: , , |

One of the functions of design is to give a new appearance to traditional inventions, not only without losing their practicality and usefulness, but to improve them. Sometimes, a new design is even capable of providing new uses, unexplored possibilities that arise with the new configuration. This is precisely what happens with the innovation we’re presenting in this month’s publication. We are talking about Puzzle Play, a compact and modular aquatic game inspired by traditional puzzle pieces. These, usually two-dimensional pieces, now move to the third dimension and are raised above the ground to allow the incorporation of slides and other games. Water is added, providing refreshing properties and leisure potential to an already recreational ensemble.

Aesthetically, Puzzle Play has powerful attributes. Its cheerful colours and compact solidity make it a unique and eye-catching addition to any water park, hotel or resort, campsite or shopping centre. From a game aspect, on the other hand, as soon as it enters their field of vision, it awakens children’s immediate desire to play. It is so attractive in this sense that many adults are likely to feel an unexpected desire to be children again in order to play on it!

This new aquatic-play game, Puzzle Play, is manufactured entirely with our 3D-Tech technology, and is supported by stainless steel pillars, through which the water is conducted. Water pistols, climbing ramps, slides and water curtains are just some of the complementary products that can complement it. Its modular conception makes it an attraction of great variability and adaptability, with different versions of the puzzle pieces to create multiple trajectories on the same plane or at different heights. The almost infinite colour combinations make it easy for Puzzle Play to fit into any pre-existing environment. Without a doubt, Puzzle Play is the children’s territory that adults would like to conquer.