Published On: 08.10.2021|Categories: New Products|Tags: , |

Soft geometric topography for children’s activity – that’s the new game we’ve created to complement other family attractions in water parks, hotels and resorts, campsites and shopping centres. Inclined planes, elevations, vertices and basic geometric shapes are the simple elements with which the little ones interact, in a game that is reminiscent of the polyhedral figures that any of us may have built at some time, with a bit of paper and some glue. A few touches of colour, chosen from the extensive variety available, make the new design an attractive, eye-catching and educational game for the youngest members of the family: it’s the Soft Way.

Soft Way is a modular and climbable game that adapts to any surface, be it small or large. Children can jump, crawl, balance or slide along the different levels. Because the modules are made of a new application of our 3D-Tech technology and are therefore soft, they are pleasant and safe to touch. The maximum height of 600 mm is an additional safety feature. The surfaces can be smooth or rough, depending on the performance that is considered suitable for the project. Rough modules are more suitable for the deployment of courses in which maintaining balance represents the greatest challenge. Smooth modules, on the other hand, favour sliding as if they were miniature slides. Just combine the two types of modules and kids will have all the options available to play with.

Soft Way can also be installed as a dry playground, or be combined with other standard water elements, such as water cannons, spray arches, floor jets or any other item from our extensive catalogue. It is also a game that expands the potential of Splash Pads for the fun and entertainment of little ones. Soft Way is definitely an affordable game, with a design that is as simple as it is easy and quick to manufacture with our 3D-Tech Soft system. The development of children’s psychomotor skills deserves a Soft Way.