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Waterparties are aquatic installations designed for children, consisting of different slides centralised around an access platform, complemented by different aquatic accessories, such as tipping buckets, different shaped jets, water curtains, etc. Produced with a standardised system, our catalogue has a wide variety of configurations for these modular water play structures. From the simplest to the most complex, there is an option to meet the space, capacity and budget requirements of each project. An example of this is the order we recently received from a resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic: the manufacture and installation of one of the simplest versions of our Waterparty.

On this occasion, the game is made up of a hydrotube and a multi-lane slides, which are accompanied by a Double Jet, two Shower Arches and a Palm Tree. For the 30 cm-deep water area, and in order to create a refreshing environment and expand the play possibilities, the client has chosen from our Spray Toys catalogue, 2 Columns, 2 Arches and the 3 Little Buckets module, and from our collection of Jets, 3 Geysers and another 3 Arch jets. With this aquatic game, the hotel offers an attraction with many play alternatives for children from the age of 4 years and up. In addition, parents have plenty of space around the Waterparty and the associated swimming pool to stay and interact with their children.

The game structure is made of hot-dip galvanised tubular steel, whilst the valves and moving parts are made of special high-strength materials to best withstand the stresses to which they will be subjected. These treatments guarantee the quality, durability and excellent aesthetic finish, not only of this Waterparty for the hotel in the Dominican Republic, but of the entire range of our catalogue.

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