Published On: 06.07.2021|Categories: New Products|Tags: , |

Water is an element we work with every day at Amusement Logic, which we control and use in a large part of our installations as a play component and also for its refreshing effects. It always plays an important role in our innovations, and also in the one we present here: a traditional game like the swing to which we add design and, of course, water. So, we have created the Splash Swing, a single point of suspension (technically known as Type 3) over water jets.

The single suspension point allows for omnidirectional orbiting, with many more possibilities than the traditional two-way swing. The star-shaped design of the cradle also provides a capacity for up to 6 users, without disturbing each other and at the same time without reducing the multiple interaction options between them. They can stand up, straddle, lie down or invent new ways to use it. The cradle of the Splash Swing orbits over vertical water jets, so depending on which way it swings, its little riders will get more or less wet. The central jet runs through the centre of the cradle and serves as a spatial reference. We have given the stand, in the case illustrated here, a stylised appearance of a kind and friendly monster, although its design may vary according to the theming requirements of the place where it is installed.

We manufacture the cradle and the support’s cladding in 3D-Tech, both elements reinforced with an internal metal structure. It is an ideal complement to our Soft Splash Pad, although it can be installed independently, with a padded floor, in water parks, hotels and resorts, campsites or even shopping centres. Splash Swing is a new aquatic game that helps the development of psychomotor skills in children, and adds play potential to the classic dry swing.

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