Published On: 10.05.2021|Categories: New Products|Tags: , |

Spinning around in the open air in traditional playgrounds, is and has always been great fun for children everywhere. So what will it be like to spin in the water? That’s the question we at Amusement Logic are answering with this new aquatic play creation, the Aquarousel. It’s a water-powered merry-go-round, whose rotation speed is directly proportional to the flow of water that propels it. Children can let themselves be carried along effortlessly by its rotation, but they can also stop, slow it down or speed it up at will. The simplicity of its design and operation make it an easy addition to any kids’ pool. The Aquarousel can be installed either submerged in water up to 30 cm or in shallow Splash Pads, amongst other leisure and entertainment centres.

Accommodating up to 6 crew members, who can ride standing or seated, it also has a top handle for even more possibilities. Holding on with one or two hands and letting themselves be spun around by the gentle centrifugal force, climbing up to the top, which is no higher than 60 cm, jumping, doing all kinds of physical challenges… All these possibilities are offered by the Aquarousel, plus those that the children will no doubt invent with their endless imagination. They can imagine they are sailing on a pirate ship, or in a submarine, or a spaceship…

On an interior stainless steel structure, we built the visible part of Aquarousel with the exclusive 3D modelling system developed by Amusement Logic, 3DTech. For the turning mechanism, we incorporated 6 water impellers and 12 wheels that slide firmly on the floor on a circular track, also made of stainless steel. The simplicity of its design, the solidity of its construction and its elementary mechanism make Aquarousel an affordable game, perfect for incorporating into new or existing installations, in Splash Pads, water parks, swimming pools in general, or in those of hotels and resorts aimed at a family audience.