Tema: Aquatic games


In the world of amusement and adventure parks, new emotions are always sought, new ways to surprise users. With this objective in mind, we present the SplashTrack, an overhead track that incorporates the challenge of water and the choice of courses through the use of new technologies. Users access it with a safety harness that allows the free use of both hands and enables them to balance and jump from one platform to another safely, but without losing the challenge and excitement of overcoming obstacles. In fact, users themselves can choose from several routes with different degrees of difficulty. In addition, the adventure routes are bi-directional thanks to an intelligent system [...]

Espherium: new children’s Splash Pad games

New attractions allow leisure facilities to stand out from what’s on offer, so that they can present the novelty at the beginning of the season and publicise that they have first attraction of its kind in the world, country or place. Therefore, guided by our market knowledge, part of our endeavours is dedicated to innovation. Today, in this section, we present Espherium: a new children’s game intended to complement or, if so desired by operators, to take the leading role in Splash Pads. We have created a series of shapes in 3DTech, in what were originally different size spheres, which [...]

Splash Track: aquatic adventure circuit.

This time we’re presenting Splash Track, a new concept of adventure circuit. It’s an elevated track into which we’ve incorporated the challenge of water and regulation through new technologies. Users access it with a double strap safety harness, with a limited turn, which allows free use of both hands and enables balancing and jumping safely from one platform to another, but without losing the challenge and the excitement of overcoming obstacles. The rail guidance-system is forked on the upper part of the different platforms, so that the users themselves can choose between several routes with different degrees of difficulty. In [...]

Public park “Colosse” on Reunion Island

One of the new projects on which we are working, is the renovation of the Colosse public park, in the municipality of Saint André, Reunion Island. The park, which was a leisure landmark for generations, was becoming obsolete and degraded until the municipality decided to remodel and revitalise the emblematic space, incorporating modern leisure facilities and making it appealing again for the population. To this end, we collaborated with a team of local architects and landscapers to define the masterplan and propose a new attractive family space, with an assortment of activities that will undoubtedly lure the public back to [...]

Project in Camping Le Ruisseau

This month we’re returning to France to talk to you about our new project. It’s in the Camping Le Rusisseau, Bidart and they’ve entrusted us with remodelling its aquatic area this year. Work has already started and it will be ready in time for the 2019 season. To add to the existing leisure activities on offer and to surprise customers, we’ve designed a set of slides that offer different emotions and sensations. There is a kamikaze slide, a giant slide, a hydrotube that’s almost 8m high and an incredible Spacebowl, which starts at 11m. Not forgetting the younger children, we’ve [...]

New product: Sea Island

This month, our R+D department presents a concept of interactive floating island that consists of two parts: one is a perimeter adventure circuit to perform balances and overcome obstacles, and the other is a central area with ramps interconnected in curves and climbable nets inside. Users can climb to the top to access the slides and then slide back down to the pool. This concept is designed for deep waters, which users access and play in a floating vest, guaranteeing their safety. Undoubtedly it’s an attraction that offers a variety of activities in an original and fun environment. Users will [...]

Adventure Flower, new interactive waterpark

Once again, Amusement Logic’s R+D team brings us novelties for the aquatic leisure world: Adventure Flower. Colourful plant elements provide shade for users. An alternative to traditional water castles, occupying minimum space. It is an interactive water park, based on a large net sphere that envelops a single central pillar. The spiral stairs connect platforms to different heights adapting to any type of slide. "This design allows us to make the most of small spaces. Thanks to the spiral staircase, we can include a variety of slides at different heights, which makes it truly attractive. "As one of its creators [...]

New product: The Time Machine

As they do each month, our R & D team has prepared one of their proposals for a sector so eager for news: The time machine. Inspired by the mechanism of a clock, its giant gears are in continuous movement, tempting users to cross them - as long as they are able to maintain balance - or to run on its surface like a hamster on a wheel. A large temporary space portal to another game dimension. Built with our 3DTech technology, the entire gear system rotates, propelled by a river-like water current, and it’s protected by nets to ensure [...]

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