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One of the new projects on which we are working, is the renovation of the Colosse public park, in the municipality of Saint André, Reunion Island. The park, which was a leisure landmark for generations, was becoming obsolete and degraded until the municipality decided to remodel and revitalise the emblematic space, incorporating modern leisure facilities and making it appealing again for the population.

To this end, we collaborated with a team of local architects and landscapers to define the masterplan and propose a new attractive family space, with an assortment of activities that will undoubtedly lure the public back to this public space: gardens, fountains, lakes, a skate park and a splash pad are just some of the elements that will be available for visitors to enjoy by the end of the year.

Special mention should be made of the splash pad, on whose construction we’re currently working. Its lovely attractions and components were designed specifically for this project and its theming was inspired by the park’s name. From a gigantic boot that houses the services building, to enormous plants and flowers, they all contribute to creating the illusion that the kids are pygmies transported to a kingdom of giants.

This project is a great example of how a public body can develop infrastructures and leisure facilities, which improve the population’s quality of life and welfare.