Published On: 09.04.2020|Categories: New Products|Tags: , |

New attractions allow leisure facilities to stand out from what’s on offer, so that they can present the novelty at the beginning of the season and publicise that they have first attraction of its kind in the world, country or place. Therefore, guided by our market knowledge, part of our endeavours is dedicated to innovation. Today, in this section, we present Espherium: a new children’s game intended to complement or, if so desired by operators, to take the leading role in Splash Pads.

We have created a series of shapes in 3DTech, in what were originally different size spheres, which we have truncated so that they can be passed through. We then added the playful and refreshing water element, with geysers located at the base, which open above the spherical shapes. Finally, we added a touch of colour and gave the name: Espherium.

Children can run around the spheres, jump on them, or face up to the challenge and adventure of dashing through them, for which they will have to dodge the geyser, or resist the falling water.

It is a modular system, of variable complexity, customizable in number, scale and colours.