Published On: 14.05.2020|Categories: New Products|Tags: , |

Steel tubes, balls that rotate, rise and fall, a crown that casts shade as well as being a structural component, and of course water, are the elements that make up this new game, the Water Twist. It’s an installation intentionally designed to combine perfectly with the other attractions we’ve developed for our SplashPads.

The balls slide up and down and revolve around the steel tubes, driven by the jets emanating from their base. The tubes are the rotation and sliding axes of this particular planetary constellation formed by the balls. If no force is exerted on them, the latter are maintained at a certain height depending on the pressure of the water jets. Instead, they change their position when children interact with them.

Kids can push down the balls to the base. When they suddenly release them, they can watch them rise in an oscillating movement, driven by the jets, until they stop on finding the equilibrium point again. They can also spin them, step on them or straddle them, like a merry-go-round horse. Or they can launch them upwards to see them stop on the jets, again at the equilibrium point.

The crown that gives the structure consistency, can be designed and personalised, according to the theme chosen for each specific project, using our 3DTech technology, which in this sense, allows complete versatility.

Working for people’s fun in general, and that of children in particular, is always rewarding and a satisfaction in itself. When, in addition, the projects we create for little ones become a reality and we see them enjoying our creations, it seems that the effort and the hours of work have been worthwhile and make sense. With the idea of ​​bringing new experiences and new games for them, we therefore propose the Water Twist.