Tema: Kids Games

Rombyk Land

We’re presenting a new concept of modular play structure, based on a rhombohedral polyhedron. A new type of playing space with labyrinth-like passages, crooked stairs and perspectives that deceive, to strengthen kids’ minds; when they think they’re seeing a square panel in perspective, they’re really seeing rhombuses. Combined with slides, ramps and net bridges, the play structure allows for countless combinations to adapt to any recreational, indoor, outdoor or aquatic space. Designed to educate through play, because things are not always what they seem.


This month we’re presenting a modular game of triangular sloped and flat blocks, which function as a game, creating an irregular surface area on which children can move, to access slides of different heights. It includes ground water-jets that are incorporated into the blocks. This original game is contemplated for splash pads, offering users endless fun and refreshing activities to enjoy.

New product: Super Blob

This month we’re presenting a new concept –The Super Blob. It’s a non-slip surface for children’s play areas, full of water and which oscillates randomly when stepped on or when landed upon from a slide. It’s designed to enhance kids’ fun and psychomotor skills. The Super Blob oscillating floors allow an infinite number of compositions for aquatic play environments, combined with our interactive SprayToon games, slides and other attractions.

New project in China: Yixing Academy.

Amusement Logic is participating in the project of Yixing Academy – Sunpark, in cooperation with Pierre & Vacances (PVCP) with an investment of 8 billion yuan (1 billion euros). The project will be developed in three phases, the first consisting of 16,000 m2, in which our company is designing a play complex with indoor and outdoor pools. The highlight of the Sunpark project is a large, eye-catching covered waterpark with tropical-forest vegetation, which has a year-round constant temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. Amongst others, it includes water slides, wave pools, children's pools, offering families a fresh and highly entertaining experience. [...]

Water Towers

Once again, with boundless imagination, we continue to create new ideas in the leisure sector. We’re presenting a new concept of different-level circular platforms, which orbit each other and are connected by stairs or horizontal walkways, as a structure from which users can ride down slides. It is an attraction that can be adapted to any size of aquatic project, with the option of adding an assortment of water games such as cannons, mills, buckets, etc. The modular handrails are bolted to GRP platforms that are placed on the tower structures made with 3DTech. It allows for infinity of theming [...]

Public park “Colosse” on Reunion Island

One of the new projects on which we are working, is the renovation of the Colosse public park, in the municipality of Saint André, Reunion Island. The park, which was a leisure landmark for generations, was becoming obsolete and degraded until the municipality decided to remodel and revitalise the emblematic space, incorporating modern leisure facilities and making it appealing again for the population. To this end, we collaborated with a team of local architects and landscapers to define the masterplan and propose a new attractive family space, with an assortment of activities that will undoubtedly lure the public back to [...]


This month we’re presenting a new idea that consists of a play area contemplated for FECs, composed of three leisure zones. The laterals have two spherical cabins hung from different heights that serve as slide platforms. They can be reached by climbing up a cloud of spheres suspended on ropes. In the centre, we find a balancing net and a walkable net that is reached via the rock-climbing wall or through a tubular slope with interior handgrips. It’s an innovative and original game that offers a variety of activities, to the infinite delight of kids!

Project in Camping Le Ruisseau

This month we’re returning to France to talk to you about our new project. It’s in the Camping Le Rusisseau, Bidart and they’ve entrusted us with remodelling its aquatic area this year. Work has already started and it will be ready in time for the 2019 season. To add to the existing leisure activities on offer and to surprise customers, we’ve designed a set of slides that offer different emotions and sensations. There is a kamikaze slide, a giant slide, a hydrotube that’s almost 8m high and an incredible Spacebowl, which starts at 11m. Not forgetting the younger children, we’ve [...]

New product: Planet Barrels

In Amusement Logic, the concept of R+D is not only to create, design and manufacture something new, but to reinvent what already exists. This month we’re presenting one of these ideas in which we are proud to participate: The Planet Barrels. It is a collection of characters and artefacts for aquatic attractions, stemming from the idea of reusable barrels. An innovative idea that has small jets and watermills that will delight kids. The world’s excess rubbish has inspired us and led to the origin of fun creatures that come to life and which can be piled up to create absurd [...]

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