Tema: F.E.C.

Mr. Hamed Ehsani, MD and owner of «Under The Sea» park.

Village Market, in Nairobi, Kenya, is the first shopping centre in Africa to offer its customers a FEC (Family Entertainment Centre) with a playground for all ages. It is "Under The Sea", a leisure area with two spaces, one for children from 2 to 12 years old, and another for children from 12 years and up. A project designed and themed by Amusement Logic, surrounded by corals and sea creatures, with a submarine, a giant octopus, a workshop area, a stage for shows and various spaces destined for the celebration of birthdays and parties. And all this in a city [...]


This month we’re presenting a new idea that consists of a play area contemplated for FECs, composed of three leisure zones. The laterals have two spherical cabins hung from different heights that serve as slide platforms. They can be reached by climbing up a cloud of spheres suspended on ropes. In the centre, we find a balancing net and a walkable net that is reached via the rock-climbing wall or through a tubular slope with interior handgrips. It’s an innovative and original game that offers a variety of activities, to the infinite delight of kids!

New aim for FECs: to attract adults

Family entertainment centres (FEC), entertainment spaces, offer leisure and relaxation-related activities and experiences. The new forms of entertainment are not just for children; in fact, more and more is invested in the development and innovation of new creative and innovative play concepts for youngsters and adults. Family Leisure Centres are no strangers to this trend and they maximize fun by offering new and original activities for adults: all generations can enjoy the experience. The competition in this sector is very strong, so many attractive activities are offered adapted to this specific niche: original sports, team building activities, escape games, virtual [...]

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