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Family entertainment centres (FEC), entertainment spaces, offer leisure and relaxation-related activities and experiences.

The new forms of entertainment are not just for children; in fact, more and more is invested in the development and innovation of new creative and innovative play concepts for youngsters and adults.

Family Leisure Centres are no strangers to this trend and they maximize fun by offering new and original activities for adults: all generations can enjoy the experience.

The competition in this sector is very strong, so many attractive activities are offered adapted to this specific niche: original sports, team building activities, escape games, virtual reality… The latest trends in leisure at the service of an adult public, with the goal of getting them to feel good and want to stay.

This trend is used to develop new offers and getting customers to live a unique experience in a special atmosphere: Gourmet menus that are reminiscent of children’s menus, themed parties or “atypical” unconventional sports classes; all designed to get customers talking about the place and making them want to return.

Dave and Buster’s, one of the most famous and leader of the Family Leisure Centres, has invested in this segment for many years. But today, almost all markets are following the trend. Family Leisure Centres are no longer intended for children.

To attract this new niche, the strategies are numerous and varied. Inflata Nation (England), a children’s playground, offers sports classes, birthday parties and corporate days dedicated to adults. Flight Trampoline Park (Springfield, USA) offers a fitness program and sports classes adapted to all adults with flexible schedules. In Dave and Buster’s (USA), the trend is retro and consists of taking adults back to childhood in a cheerful and pleasant atmosphere.

All these new activities guarantee an increase in visitors and a constant interest in the Family Leisure Centres. Visitors (children and adults) are enticed by the experience and will surely come back to relive it.