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The Lulu Group conglomerate, based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, operates shopping malls and supermarkets in 34 countries. Among these is one of the most important shopping malls in the state of Kerala, in the city of Kochi, India. Covering an area of 68,000 m2, Lulu Mall Kochi is a shopping and entertainment destination that houses some 225 retail outlets, a 9-screen multiplex cinema, numerous restaurants and cafés and Sparky’s, a large indoor Family Entertainment Centre (FEC). In order to redevelop the FEC into an innovative and unique centre where visitors can enjoy a unique experience, Lulu Group commissioned Amusement Logic for the conceptual design, and schematic and detail designs. In addition to the FEC’s theming and renovation, the design work includes that of an innovative attraction, exclusive to our catalogue, which once installed, will be the first of its kind in the world: a three-dimensional zip-line track called Fly-Track.

The Sparky’s centre, aimed at a target audience of children and teenagers, as well as the parents who accompany them, includes the largest ice-skating rink in South India, bumper cars, a 12-lane bowling alley, a trampoline park and other mechanical attractions. A futuristic sci-fi style was chosen for the theming, with a combination of colours and shapes that suit the building’s existing architecture. On the other hand, Amusement Logic’s theming proposal adopts an integral perspective that encompasses all areas of the FEC, so that users perceive the different zones as a whole and their elements relate to each other coherently, as part of the same experience. In this way, the theming will not only create a unique environment, but will also be the common thread that links all of Sparky’s components.

Amusement Logic’s work for Lulu Mall Kochi includes the overall theming designs, the zoning and circulation of visitors between zones, the special lighting effects and the secondary structures and their connection to the primary ones. In addition, the plan includes plans for the Fly-Track attraction, its elevations and sections, as well as 3D views and structural requirements for its fabrication. Accesses, circulation channels, allocation of activities to age groups, dimensions and levels, areas, attractions, textures, thematic elements, colours, signage and corporate identity, all the elements are defined in detail with our work, and the project is ready for construction.