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Leisure complexes with the latest entertainment trends

The shopping mall chain Lulu Malls has once again entrusted Amusement Logic to develop the conceptual design of two new Family Entertainment Centres (FECs), in two future malls in the cities of Kolkata and Kottayam, Kerala State, India. These two entertainment complexes are somewhat special as they incorporate the latest trends in the entertainment industry. These trends are oriented, on the one hand, towards the personalisation of experiences, so that they are unique and endure in the memory of those who live them; on the other hand, towards their extension in space and time and to as many senses as possible, so that they offer complete immersion. These are precisely the objectives that guide the design work that Amusement Logic has carried out for Lulu Malls.

Technologies for synthetic reality

To meet these objectives, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality technologies (VR, AR and MR respectively) are perhaps the best option inside a shopping centre. After all, these technologies offer the kind of immersive experience for which we are aiming, that spans space-time (without the recipient moving) and encompasses many of our senses. The demand for which, by the way, is continually growing among youngsters, due to their fascination with adventures that are both fantastic and realistic, voyages in futuristic and alien worlds, only accessible through these media.

Advances in virtual technologies

Moreover, these technologies have improved and evolved significantly over the last few years, to a level of sophistication and development that enhances experiences and encourages their growing implementation in leisure facilities of all kinds, including shopping centres. In addition to the quality of the graphics and support equipment, operators can choose from a wide variety of attractions of this type. So, Lulu Malls’ shopping centre FECs will feature an extensive selection of VR, AR and MR games for all ages. After all, complexes of this type will be relevant and will attract audiences if they offer experiences that visitors cannot experience at home.

Variety of attractions for a variety of audiences

State-of-the-art multi-sports simulators to practice different sports through the use of screens and motion-sensing technology; adult-oriented simulators with war games; more challenging, adrenaline-pumping multi-games for youngsters to choose from; collaborative and team games; individual games that transport them to other realities; activities in separate children’s areas for younger children; a large bumper car area, an activity suitable for all ages.. Our conceptual design diversifies the offer and establishes itineraries for all kinds of audiences, so that the FEC is attractive to families, as well as youngsters and adults.

The experience extends to the environment

Regarding the container, not so much the content, it will serve the purpose of making each visit unique and new. Through the incorporation of the most advanced technologies in interactive LED screens and theming, the environment, which would otherwise be closed and fixed, immovable, becomes a variable, adaptable actor. The decorative elements and cladding will offer moving images, synchronised with the sound, and will transport the visitor, in a matter of seconds and without moving from one environment to another. The environmental experience will also be immersive and unique, part of the attraction, so that users (and their companions), as well as playing, will enjoy a surprising environment. The fun will start from the moment they enter the installation. In addition, curious passers-by will be lured by the activity, perhaps tomorrow becoming customers.

Rational and commercial layout of the FEC

Regarding the layout of the spaces containing the virtual games of the new FECs, our conceptual design advances several assumptions: on the one hand, and in view of commercial and return issues, the passage of mall visitors through both spaces should be free. On the other hand, we have tried to avoid overly narrow corridors that, in order to give way to each other, force users to turn their backs to the attractions. At the same time, and from a rational and efficient operating point of view, we have taken into account the need to facilitate the periodic renewal, updating and/or replacement of the games.

Undoubtedly, the Calcutta and Kottayam FECs will become iconic family entertainment centres, unique in the State of Kerala and in the country’s shopping mall landscape. The possibility of a complete, immersive and novel experience will add to the shopping experience itself, a great reason to spend the day at the mall.