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The Rapids, a complete whitewater circuit

Descending river rapids is no longer an activity exclusively for elite athletes, professional adventurers or action movies. We’re presenting a new attraction for everyone, an accessible, controlled and safe whitewater circuit: The Rapids. In combination with other water attractions, dining areas, merchandising shops or recreational spaces, The Rapids represents a popular venue that enhances the environment as a unique landscaping element and stimulates the local economy. In contrast to conventional waterways, which are geared towards training and tournaments for experts and/or professional paddlers, The Rapids meets two challenges. On the one hand, it makes whitewater accessible [...]

23.02.2021|New Products|


In the world of amusement and adventure parks, new emotions are always sought, new ways to surprise users. With this objective in mind, we present the SplashTrack, an overhead track that incorporates the challenge of water and the choice of courses through the use of new technologies. Users access it with a safety harness that allows the free use of both hands and enables them to balance and jump from one platform to another safely, but without losing the challenge and excitement of overcoming obstacles. In fact, users themselves can choose from several routes with different degrees of difficulty. In addition, the adventure routes are bi-directional thanks to an intelligent system [...]

Upwards trend in the demand for adventures

When making decisions, not only about travelling, but making investments in the tourism sector, it’s always advisable to know the sector trends in depth. On this occasion, the growth in the tourist demand for adventures has caught our attention. Firstly, and according to the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA), an adventure trip is considered to be one that involves at least two of three elements: physical activity, the natural environment and cultural immersion. ATTA also distinguishes two types of adventure according to the degree: soft or hard. To make a “soft” adventure trip, such as participating in an archaeological visit, [...]

Taiwan Canyoning.

In a new undertaking, Amusement Logic will transform an existing decorative lake and waterfall in the Parkview hotel in Hualien, Taiwan, into a recreational and adventure space. Our company joins thereby, the specialization trend, where establishments are geared towards specific and highly defined market niches, in order to attract a characteristic audience. The Canyoning fits perfectly with the kind of public that frequents Hualien, since this town is located next to the Taroko National Park, one of the most spectacular natural gorges in the world. With the help of Amusement Logic’s knowledge and experience, the hotel has chosen to include [...]

New Canyoning Park

We’re developing the design of a new Canyoning Park, which includes a canyoning / diving / speleology / coasteering circuit that forms part of a more extensive urban adventure project. For confidentiality reasons, we’re not yet able to reveal the project’s name or location. But we can advance that this project aims to redefine the world of adventure sports and active leisure with a unique and integrated experience for users, responding to the changing demands of customers who want more experiential and interactive leisure. The adventure park that we’re designing is focused on immersion experiences and attractions, which are far [...]

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