We would like to share with you all the details of a great project, a tourist complex whose design was commissioned to Amusement Logic by a major developer. Today, with the work successfully completed, we invite you to enjoy the images of the project and, through them, its beauty and grandeur. Wouldn’t the latter attribute seem fair to refer to the surface over which this thermal water park extends? That’s right, it covers a total of 87,580 m2, a vast area for leisure and tourism, for the amusement, entertainment and well-being of visitors, tourists and the local population. Let’s take a look at how we have organised the space of this exceptional spa complex.

In a design that starts and ends with the user experience – as it cannot be otherwise in the leisure, entertainment and tourism sector – the park is divided into a series of indoor and outdoor areas. The first of these is the outdoor welcome area, whose function is the initial contact with families, tourists and locals who come to spend the day at the thermal park. This area, with generous landscaped areas, information points and ticket offices, covers the first 8,215 m2 in a long strip running along the façade of the complex. After this area, the covered areas behind it are accessed.

The indoor areas of the resort occupy 43,454 m2 and are divided into a water park with a children’s play area, wave pool, lazy river and various waterslides (multi-lane, kamikaze, hydrotube, Black Hole, giant slide, River Adventure and Space Bowl). This is followed by an area of saunas and thermal water pools themed according to a volcanic landscape, followed by an area for canyoning and adventure. Next, there is a thermal baths area themed according to Roman times and, in between them all, a large tropical area with swimming pools. The outdoor areas consist of a tropical area of some 22,906 m2 with abundant vegetation and swimming pools, and at the other end of the resort, a Beach Club of 8,165 m2 with bars, solariums and swimming pools, in what is probably the most peaceful area of the thermal park.

One of the highlights of the project is a volcano in the covered area for the saunas and thermal pools. This volcano will be equipped with smoke, fire, light and sound special effects to simulate eruptions and create an exceptional atmosphere. In addition, the design that the company has given to the developer ensures that the resort will operate both day and night, 365 days a year.

Finally, the design of this grandiose thermal water park and tourist complex includes all the elements necessary for its construction and operation. Amusement Logic has put all its technicians and engineers at the service of the project, not only in the field of architecture, but also in hydraulics, MEP, theming, artificial rocks, landscaping, urban furniture, etc.

Now you can enjoy the images of the project and, if you wish, you can check all this with this VIDEO.