Continuing with projects carried out this season in the French campsite sector, we are equally pleased to announce that we have completed on time, the theming works of the aquatic area in Camping Cap Soleil. Located in Vias Plage, this campsite already had an African ambience, which we reinforced with the complete theming of the aquatic zone.

The current leisure pool reflects the landscape of an African savannah, in which we can find anything from the typical baobabs to a varied sample of fauna, (elephants, lions, zebras, giraffes, snakes, and hippopotami). All of this is combined with traditional African figures, to produce the perfect backdrop for relaxing and enjoying the sun, water and landscape.

In the theming of the adults’ area, we have followed highly realistic criteria in the finish of the figures, whilst in the children’s area, we have created a lovely mosaic of animals and figures to amuse and entertain the kids.

The campsite has been showing the works’ progress, month by month on the social networks and has been able to improve on reservations from the previous year. This reflects the transformation of the behavioural patterns of clients who increasingly use the internet and social networks to make holiday decisions. It also shows the value that clients assign to leisure areas in establishments such as campsites, being one of the elements that they value with greater consideration, when choosing between one destination and another.

This is another example of the custom-made works that we can carry out in Amusement Logic, S.L., providing solutions that respond to each client’s specific needs, adapting to the spaces, time and budgets that are available in each case.