Amusement Logic redefines buildings’ personalities and characters by designing and constructing façades that act as a distinctive skin. In doing so, it not only breathes new life into them, but also into the urban spaces they are part of. Creativity and refinement are combined in its design, while materials and the latest manufacturing technologies make its construction possible.

The cladding acts as a protective barrier for the building’s interiors from the outside and the weather, and at the same time represents a design statement that confers identity and presence. The use of modular panels moulded with 3D textures and reliefs creates a dynamic visual effect. Their appearance changes with the position of the sun throughout the day. The viewer’s perspective evolves as they walk along the street. The architecture comes alive.

The new material of this façade, durable and malleable, is capable of adopting organic, undulating patterns that evoke dynamic natural forms. In addition to the significant aesthetic impact of the building by virtue of its façade, the façade also has an insulating quality. The façade therefore helps to regulate the interior temperature and reduce the heating and cooling load, making the building an energy-efficient ensemble.

Amusement Logic always strives for a balance between functionality and aesthetics in architecture and design. Moreover, this type of façade, which is accessible to all budgets, can be customised for any building project.