New product: The Time Machine

As they do each month, our R & D team has prepared one of their proposals for a sector so eager for news: The time machine.

Inspired by the mechanism of a clock, its giant gears are in continuous movement, tempting users to cross them – as long as they are able to maintain balance – or to run on its surface like a hamster on a wheel. A large temporary space portal to another game dimension.

Built with our 3DTech technology, the entire gear system rotates, propelled by a river-like water current, and it’s protected by nets to ensure safety. On the perimeter there are benches for resting, ramps and access stairs.

Its design is devised for transit areas, plazas or meeting spaces around a leisure facility. It is also suitable for aquatic areas and is able to implement spray-type jets, fed from the hydraulic circuit of the water source. A decorative and interactive landmark, which works perfectly as a meeting point.