The water temperature in swimming pools and water attractions in hotels and resorts, campsites, water parks and other leisure and tourism facilities is a factor in the comfort of their guests, visitors and users. Different aquatic facilities and activities will require different temperatures, typically between the thresholds of 24°C and 30°C, with possible variations due to geographical or other factors.

Beyond the installation of the necessary conditioning equipment to ensure a quality experience for guests, visitors and users, it is necessary to measure, monitor and control the water temperature. Therefore, in addition to the use of pumps and heat exchangers, temperature sensors are installed at strategic points in the pool or aquatic facilities of hotels and resorts, campsites, water parks and other aquatic attractions for leisure and tourism. For the control of water temperature parameters, the Building Management System (BMS) or centralised building management system will be useful.

Indeed, the integration of sensors in BMS allows the monitoring of water temperature in real time, its adjustment between set points and the issuing of alerts in the event of any anomaly in the operation of the equipment. At the same time, it enables data logging for subsequent analysis.

Monitoring and controlling pool water temperature through BMS in hotels and resorts, campsites, water parks and aquatic facilities for leisure and tourism is one of the many ways in which Amusement Logic improves the experience of guests, visitors and users. In this way, these types of complexes become smart facilities, at the forefront of efficiency.

By Juan Carlos Soria, Senior MEP Engineer in Amusement Logic’s Architectural Dept.