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Visionary architecture: a single city for the entire world’s population

Imagination is one of the sources from which, as a creative profession, architecture draws its nourishment. Precisely, one of the latest proposals with the greatest dose of imagination has caught our attention: Planet City. It is a visionary idea rather than a project, mixing fiction and reality or, more precisely, science fiction and architecture. Los Angeles-based Australian architect Liam Young proposes a Copernican twist in urban planning and architecture: a single city to house the entire world’s population. This is the part of the imagination, or science fiction, whilst the part of reality is provided by the challenges of deforestation, species extinction and climate change facing the world today, to which he intends to [...]

10.02.2021|General News|

The UN plans for 83 trillions euros to be used in sustainable infrastructures until 2030.

"The world needs to intensify its efforts (...) to contain climate change in the magnitudes dictated by science —as much as 1.5º Celsius— ", said the UN Secretary General, António Guterres, during the opening of the Climate Action Summit, held in New York last September. "The road we are taking at this moment faces a global warming of at least 3º Celsius by the end of the century," he added, and concluded: "This is not a Climate Negotiation Summit; you cannot negotiate with nature; This is a Climate Action Summit». About 2,000 cities were represented among the main actors of [...]

The Saudi crown prince plans a landmark city in technology and innovation.

Mohammed bin Salman, crown prince of Saudi Arabia, plans to create an artificial city of 26,000 square kilometres in the Gulf of Aqaba, adjacent to the Red Sea and near the commercial routes of the Suez Canal. Amongst his plans is the idea of ​​using the latest technologies and inventing those that do not yet exist, as well as relying exclusively upon renewable energy, in a project that aims to be a world reference in the field. "A place for the dreamers of the world," he said in the 2017 presentation speech. In this fantasy city called Neom, a name [...]

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