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In a broad sense, the façade that we’re presenting this month reinvents the notions of spectacle and sociability around the culture of aquatic leisure. Inspired by a conceptual and formal connection to the sea, the façade provides visitors with an original and innovative experience that evokes the movements of waves.

In order to radically transform the appearance of an industrial building, our façade uses a series of visual devices that build a legible and visually attractive symbolic scenography. The choice of patterns on the different layers of the façade is inspired by works of art with marine references. These patterns are combined taking into account their position in space and their displacement. With a considerable length and suspended at a great height, the façade that we present to you is ambitious and monumental. Our design consists of approximately 1500 linear metres of façade arranged in three elegant gradient patterns. When put into motion, the façade comes alive. Through the combination of different patterns, with changes in direction and the different speeds of each, the façade offers spectators an enveloping scene, with a vibrant intensity that gives observers the sensation of being faced with large-scale wave movements.

On the other hand, as always, we focus on sustainability and energy efficiency. This project also responds to this requirement, since it also serves to regulate the entrance of solar radiation into the building. Through the adjustment of the speed of one or more of the planes, or even of their cessation, of their static position, the façade blocks the sun’s rays to different degrees. This regulation can be programmed for certain times of the day, in order to guarantee user comfort and energy savings.

Although this new architectural skin proposal is suitable for a wide spectrum of buildings and environments, it is especially suitable for those in a water park. Without a doubt, it will become an eye-catching element for your guests, one more attraction that everyone will talk about.