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The presence in Punta Cana of internationally recognized brands generates a very high level of competitiveness between hotels, which forces them to innovate, improve and renovate their facilities.

The Spanish chain Riu has highlighted the great success of their new leisure concept “Riu Pool Party” in Punta Cana, where in 2018 Riu renovated their Riu Plaza Punta Cana hotel. This concept is part of program that the chain put in place with the purpose to ensure a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Last year the hotel chain opened three new hotels: two in Mexico, where it already has 20 hotels, and one of in Cape Verde, where it has five establishments. In addition, the chain closed on the purchase of a building in the center of London. In Toronto, Riu plans to open hotels from their Riu Plaza line, for which it has already acquired the necessary land.

Throughout 2018 the budget for renovations and new projects of Riu Hotels increased from 653 million at the beginning of the year to 870 million euros by the end of the year.