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During 2018, we had the chance to learn more about the operation of waterparks, thanks to interviews with their managers and directors. A section of our newsletter that has been very well received and read by more than 5,000 of our subscribers every month.

To welcome in the new year, we’re presenting the first interview with campsite directors, which, like the waterpark interviews, will bring us closer to the day-to-day management of their complexes.

We’re beginning this series with the participation of David Solé, director of Camping Creixell, located in Creixell, Tarragona (Spain).

“The campsite opened in 1985, and since then we have expanded to have the 10 hectares that we currently have. The campsite has a total of 596 camping units, of which 107 are bungalows. The remaining space is occupied by some service buildings, parking and 3 ha of recreational areas, which we consider essential for our guests. These are mostly national; around 75% of our annual customers and are mainly families who come to spend their vacations.

The main attraction of Camping Creixell is the area of pools, which has a large slide, in addition to a sports area and also its proximity to a magnificent 6km-long beach.

It is true that we’re in an area with a large number of campsites, but thanks to the personal treatment, the liveliness and complete safety of our campsite, we can differentiate ourselves from the rest. In fact, the “mouth-to-ear” is our main marketing weapon; not only do people repeat, but they recommend us.

Within the campsite, our guests can find a supermarket, a restaurant, sports area (paddle tennis, football, basketball, etc.), and merchandising products with the image of the campsite.

The campsite’s cleanliness is fundamental, as are the maintenance and conservation of the facilities, which account for nearly a quarter of the annual budget; people who come to spend their holidays want to be comfortable and not have to worry about anything. To keep the campsite in great condition, we have almost 30 professionals who give their best for the good of the visitors every day.

The future of the sector is optimistic, as we are increasingly better prepared to meet the needs of customers who want to spend their leisure time at our resorts. Likewise, on our part, we are investing year after year in improving our facilities and services in order to provide the best experience to our guests. Proof of this is that we have just finished the new area of ​​artificial-turf soccer fields and the improvement in the pool area, amongst others.”