Innovative industries that will have a boom in 2018

Industries in the fields of medicine, marketing, technology and leisure will achieve significant growth in the coming year.

1. Virtual Reality

This technology has taken off. This is due to more companies entering the market and creating competition, making the price more affordable and creating more functionalities. This technology not only attracts “gamers”, but it is also expanding in applications in the leisure industry, therapy, employment training, education, digital marketing and safety tests. Virtual reality is an open field with much greater potential that is being continually studied. For 2018, income from virtual reality and augmented reality is expected to rise to more than $7 billion.

2. Voluntary Family Vacations

Voluntourism, as it is frequently called, are vacations on which travellers wish to contribute to the world with a practical experience of community help. They will rise in coming years and they’re anticipated to compete in the future with traditional vacations. The need for help in the world is evident and people are looking for ways to help and trips with significant and culturally immersive experiences. The institute of voluntourism predicts that there will be 20 million voluntourists by 2020, just in the United States. This global trend indicates an important change in the way people are spending their free time.

3. Green Energy

The renewable energy industry is a trend that has become popular in the last decade. From electric vehicles to solar roof-panels, renewable energy is becoming more commonplace and affordable for many people. Renewable energy operations in 2018 will shoot up with a 500% increase in the industry. Would you believe that now there are more people working in the solar industry than there are on oilrigs and gas fields? Some of the reasons behind this increase is due to fiscal credit, the Paris climate change agreement, low-cost equipment, marketing and cultural demand and more modern battery storage.

4. Drones

These apparatus have the potential to be applied in areas such as construction, agriculture (inspecting crops more efficiently), cinematography, parcel delivery, fire fighting (remotely observing forest fires and flood areas), and in recreational use.

Toy drones are now cheaper and they are becoming more popular for leisure use. The growing competition amongst drone manufacturers is reducing costs further, particularly for high-range models that can take photos and transmit live videos. The technological potential with drones is immense and their use will only increase over time.

5. Mobile Technology

Many of the large car manufacturers and technology companies are working on the development of autonomous vehicles. During coming decades, we will almost certainly begin to see more autonomous driving vehicles on the roads. Given the advanced state of driverless technologies and the amount of money being poured into the sector, it is predicted that by 2020, there will be 10 million self-drive cars on the roads.

6. Biotechnology

Biotechnology is creating successful next-generation drugs and they have the potential of solving a great variety of problems in fields such as medicine, agriculture and industry. As technology improves, biotechnology continues to grow and 2018 could bring new and exciting advances.

7. Content Marketing

The content marketing industry is predicted to be worth around $412 billion by 2021. Content marketing is a strategic marketing focus that is centred on creating and sharing valuable, coherent and relevant content, to attract and retain an audience. Content marketing is the most economic and effective manner of creating brand awareness amongst consumers.