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When every detail of a hotel has been meticulously chosen to adhere to an idea, a story, a previous concept, we can say that it is a conceptual hotel. The concept covers everything, its design or decoration, the intangible elements such as the music that sets the mood, the colours and shapes of its façade or its interior, the art that dresses its walls, everything is at the service of the idea, of the story, of the concept. The same thing happens when we talk about themed spaces, when the theme is the guide that orients every minimal decision. We find a clear example of this perspective, like few others in the world, in the hotels of Concept Hotel Group (CHG).

The hotels of this young chain, transport their guests to imaginary worlds, or real ones even if out of context, and they clearly and decisively identify with a state of mind, with a perspective on life, with a story that envelops them. The mere stay in these hotels is therefore an experience; the space is not used, it is lived. CHG has 6 hotels in Ibiza, and plans to expand on the island as well as in the cities of Madrid and Barcelona around a concept of urban hotels, under a new brand called Mítico.

Each of the group’s hotels in Ibiza has one of six different concepts. Santos, the first to open to the public, is a tribute to the music stars who had some connection with the island. Its spirit responds to a carefree atmosphere, to an “avant-garde with vintage touches, 100% Rock & Roll attitude and the magic of Ibiza”. At the Tropicana they have created “a tropical world full of palm trees, flamingos, fresh cocktails and an excellent selection of music”. On the other hand, in the Dorado, a musical theme recognised as a Gold Record has steered the atmosphere in each of the rooms, in which the ambience dictated by it, is recreated in the greatest detail. At Cubanito, the design is inspired by Little Havana, Miami’s vibrant neighbourhood, and blends Art Deco and Colonial architectural styles. Finally, according to Diego Calvo, general manager of CHG, talking to Eddk Magazine, Paradiso “is an Art Hotel that relies on professionals in the sector”, so that in each of its rooms, for example, “there is an original piece by an artist on the headboard of the bed”.

Undoubtedly, the success of conceptual hotels such as those of CHG is based precisely on the added value offered by the living experience of staying in them. However, in their results, the conceptual approach seems to mean nothing more than a plus on top of the good service that every hotel should offer its guests. Calvo assures Eddk that “5% of the public that stays at Dorado comes because they understand the concept and enjoy this style of music, but the rest are motivated by other factors and we get them to end their stay equally satisfied and surprised by the experience”.