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Doosan, the South Korean manufacturer of excavators and construction machinery, is undertaking a pioneering project, unique in the sector and in the world, for the development of the construction sites of the future. Based on 5G technology and Artificial Intelligence, the system, which it has dubbed Concept-X, promises to “increase productivity and reduce costs and risks” in conventional construction. It involves carrying out large construction projects remotely and without operators, using a Control Centre, drones, excavators, dump trucks and other autonomous machinery.

But let’s take a look at the process: before construction begins, the Control Centre receives all the information about the work to be done and the site where it is to be carried out. This information includes topographical measurements provided by drones scanning the terrain. In this way, the Control Centre determines the most efficient, quickest and least costly work plan in each case. Among its calculations, it establishes the machinery needed to implement the construction plan. Finally, the machines receive the instructions according to this plan and begin to work autonomously on the ground, in constant communication with the Control Centre, under the supervision of the drones. A system of sensors recognises the environment around each machine in real time in order to monitor safety, optimise collaboration between them and update the situation on the construction site. In addition, all machinery is equipped with a self-diagnostic device to detect the need for spare parts and ensure their maintenance.

Projects such as Doosan’s add to the debate on whether technology will permanently replace human actors. Although there are numerous projects for the automation of construction (3D printing of buildings, bricklaying machines, etc.), and despite the various computer programmes that make the work of architects easier and more precise, the data shows that this part of the sector, in other words. the most creative, and also the most emotional, will not be easily taken over by machines. The decisive question for a process to be automated is whether it is repetitive and measurable. When, on the other hand, it requires a collective, dynamic, multidisciplinary, emotional and creative effort, the human touch will continue to be necessary.

So that you can judge for yourselves, here is a visualisation of Concept-X, Doosan’s futuristic project VIDEO.