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We’re working on the architectural project of a water park surround, destined once again to become an architectural landmark in its environment. Today’s architectural monuments are not just intended to be admired from afar. Our goal is not to create just another emblematic building, recognizable from long distance: but to also shape and articulate the public space, offering citizens the possibility of evaluating and enjoying different points of view, different design variants.

We understand that our buildings are not designed to be seen and admired from a single viewpoint, nor from only one direction. In effect, like a sculpture, they can conserve the ability to be surrounded and be walked around, offering the public design alternatives, different forms that are unified under a single formal criterion, but which offer a different shaped and visual spectacle, from each point of view.

Given that a building with these characteristics is inherently multidimensional, our work as architects is also concerned with analysing the project in terms of obtaining scenes, places near by and far away from which to contemplate, live and inhabit a project.

Technically speaking, it’s skin of the helicoidal building that emerges along the geometric plane projecting different elevations along its route. The design makes use of the building’s wave-shaped main line, to extrude the plane that supports the entire project, which is accompanied by a series of slats that maintain the same direction along the longitudinal axis.