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Amusement Logic is working on the Cascavelle Shopping Village on the island of Mauritius. As part of its remodelling, we are creating a waterpark, with a large themed splash pad with slides and rest areas for parents.

What the developer intends with this initiative is to offer families an experience that transcends the typical activity of “going shopping” and get them to spend several hours visiting the shopping mall, combining shopping with fun.

The shopping mall sector is one of the most competitive and one that has undergone most transformations in recent years. The large number of centres that have been developed and the change in consumer trends (internet sales have increased exponentially), mean that shopping centres have to come up with ideas and implement new strategies to attract visitors.

One of the most common undertakings and one that brings the best results, is adding a leisure dimension to the traditional shopping elements on offer. In this way, we have seen how shopping malls have been complemented with attractive leisure activities: FECs, indoor waterparks, adventure parks, indoor amusement parks, indoor ski parks, amongst others.

Amusement Logic actively participates in the development in this type of leisure offer and the project in Mauritius is just the latest one to be added to projects already undertaken in the malls of countries such as Algeria, Russia, Ukraine or Kenya.

We’re sure it’ll be a great success.