New projects in Cape Verde

Known as the “African Caribbean”, Cape Verde is a small, 4,000 km2 archipelago of around half a million inhabitants, located across from the Senegalese coastline. Its political, economic and social stability, great climate, unspoiled beaches and beautiful landscapes, with mountain peaks nearing 3,000m in height, make Cape Verde an earthly paradise and a growing tourist destination.

According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, Cape Verde is one of the world’s countries where tourism will grow the fastest, going from half a million to a million visits in coming years.

Faced with such a promising outlook, the large international hotel chains are taking position in Cape Verde, either to strengthen their presence or to establish themselves in the archipelago.

Amusement Logic is working with one of these chains to develop the leisure areas of a 900-room resort. Swimming pools, lagoons, waterfalls, a children’s club, sports areas and a waterpark comprise the entertainment options on offer for this new resort, which we will be revealing soon.

Whilst tourists choose a destination based on the natural and cultural delights it has to offer, accommodation is selected based on the quality of its services and complementary leisure activities.
For a hotel establishment, offering a varied range of entertainment that is appropriate for all family members, is essential for attracting, satisfying and creating loyal clientele, that is increasingly demanding.

Thanks to our experience, the result of having worked with both large chains as well as independent hoteliers on the development of their leisure activities, Amusement Logic is the ideal partner to remodel or create dynamic and attractive recreational spaces in any hotel establishment.