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We’re pleased to be able to tell you about a new project that we’re developing on the coast of the Black Sea in Russia; a family-oriented aquatic-leisure area located in a hotel complex in the city of Gelendzhik.

With the significant drop in the value of the rouble and some incidences with countries that have historically been main destinations for Russian beach tourists, (Egypt, Turkey), Russia’s economic situation has become an impetus for growth in the country’s domestic-tourism hotel industry.

As such, domestic tourism increased 25% in 2014, 18% in 2015, 15% in 2016 and 12% in 2017. According to sector analysts, the growth rate will settle around 10% during the next 5 to 10 years.

This increase in holidaymakers who flock to coastal areas has not only led to the construction of new beach-related hotel and leisure projects, but also requires entrepreneurs to renovate their facilities and improve the services they offer their clients, in order to maintain their positions in an increasingly competitive market.

The project that concerns us is based on the creation of a wide space of aquatic leisure for the main hotel guests; families with children. A large, shallow and irregularly shaped pool houses the installation of one of Amusement Logic’s largest interactive WaterParty game models.

In turn, the game has exclusive theming, developed especially for our client. It recreates a jungle environment and presents the children with figures of their favourite characters such as Tarzan and Mowgli, accompanied by figures of animals and plants. It has several slides at different heights, interactive elements and infinity of platforms and routes, which provide for endless play options and competitions for children of different ages.

For those parents who do not wish to accompany their children on the installation, there are large spaces around the pool where they can rest and relax, whilst watching their children enjoy the water in a unique environment of fun and total safety.

The new aquatic leisure space will be operational this season.