Published On: 17.02.2017|Categories: Company News|

We’re working on the architectural project of a large luxury Hotel located in an area of exceptional landscaped beauty. On the shores of a lake and between forest-covered hills, the Hotel’s design presented the challenge of adapting the architecture and landscape in such a way that they be mutually enhanced and enriched as a result. How did we achieve harmonising the building with its surrounding landscape?


We articulated the main building volume in three blocks, inter-communicated through common areas. The three volumes are designed in a stepped fashion and are at different levels on the ground, descending in height as they reach towards the shore. The generated slope means that all the rooms and common areas have privileged views. Inside, all the rooms function as ample viewing points of the exterior landscape.

The front view of the hotel from the other shore of the lake, is defined by a series of soft tangential curves that complement the shapes of the surrounding hills and create waves in the elevations of the three volumes. The hotel’s main entrance is found on the highest side of the façade, making way for an impressive hall that is 25 metres tall. The building is clad in glass and steel, materials whose reflective properties favour mimesis with the environment.

Sustainability and luxury are combined, allowing the enjoyment of close-contact with nature.