From Amusement Logic’s Design Department, we propose a car park that combines charging stations for electric vehicles with sculptural shading structures. From this innovative perspective, in an exercise of landscape design, we transform and improve the functionality of the parking spaces.

The illuminated contoured structures, indebted to an organic design inspired by natural forms, are not only a shelter from the sun, but also a meeting point for drivers. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to define them as futuristic functional sculptures, the antipodes of traditional car park shading systems.

This public parking project illustrates Amusement Logic’s commitment to sustainable innovation and conscious urban design. Recharging stations, equipped with the latest technology, not only make life easier for drivers, but also promote a greener lifestyle.

With proposals such as this car park, we are setting a new standard in urban design. We are improving urban infrastructure and enriching the aesthetics of the city at the same time.