Published On: 11.11.2014|Categories: Company News|

Our job as designers of architectonic environments is exciting. We work for different cultures and the concepts of aesthetics and beauty that we encounter are highly diverse and always interesting. In every project, we are required to conduct detailed research, in order to learn about each culture’s particularities and be prepared to exceed the objectives with which our clients entrust us.

And this makes us happy. The research process is always gratifying. We discover peculiarities and ways of understanding the world that enrich us and make us not only better designers, but better human beings.

At this moment, we are in the process of designing an emblematic project in the Middle East, of which we can provide a glimpse. It is a challenge for us to capture the spirit of Islamic architecture, its harmony and the complexity of its ornaments. In the design, you can observe three main characteristics of Islamic architecture: symmetry, geometry and ornamental density.

The symmetry repeats shapes like a mirror, heightening the overall harmony, making it stable and gentle and giving it a feeling of delicate strength. Geometry and mathematics have always been key concepts for architects from the Islamic world, regular geometric patterns are multiplied and are the base for a dense and beautiful ornamentation. This ornamental density in regular and geometric patterns in Islamic art, is of admirable wealth.

So what do we add in Amusement? In this case, fantasy, the use of colour and textures to give the environment the spectacular and exotic tone required. Sinuous shapes and an appropriate set of complementary colours provide the final touch to a design of which we are proud. Thanks to our clients.