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Faced with the boom in online shopping and other factors that are driving down their revenues, shopping centre operators around the world are looking for new ways to attract visitors. As traffic to their facilities increases, so will their retail sales. The River Mall in Kiev, Ukraine, has taken this focus to heart and defines itself as “the largest shopping and entertainment centre on the left bank of Kiev”. The centre already has ten cinemas, including an IMAX cinema, restaurants and a children’s amusement park with a maze, several trampolines and an obstacle course. The River Mall is now planning the construction of an outdoor water park.

River Mall commissioned Amusement Logic’s services for the conceptual design, viability study and executive project of its water park. Given the anticipated influx of public, from the beginning of the project the efforts of the design work were centred on creating a water park for the whole family. As such, our proposal includes attractions suitable for all ages. In the new water park, adults will be able to enjoy an infinity pool on the riverside, for swimming and bathing. There is also a large children’s area, aimed at children of all ages, with varied water games and slides suitable for each age group. A spa and hydrotherapy area will allow the older visitors to relax and enjoy themselves. Finally, a complex of larger slides will allow youngsters to enjoy dizzying and exciting journeys.

In this way, River Mall is responding to the growing number of customers who, beyond traditional shopping, are looking for genuine experiences in a shopping centre. As such, River Mall will turn its large area into an essential destination for the public of Ukraine’s capital. Throughout, it will count on the assistance, support and extensive experience of Amusement Logic which has carried out similar projects in shopping centres in 12 countries.

Sources: River Mall.