Leisure project engineering is not taught as an academic discipline. It is learnt by coordinating very diverse engineering tasks, during a long time. Together, our civil, industrial, design and construction engineering experts, offer experience over 100 years of experience.

Scientists discover the world as it exists; engineers create the world that never was

— Theodore von Karman, engineer and physicist

Transport systems
Filtration and pumping
World’s first artificial Canyoning park

Theme parks, hotels, shopping malls, casinos, water parks, adventure centres or zoos…..we provide the experience, vision and tools needed to solve all engineering aspects, however complex they may be, coordinating with the architecture and construction of your project.

In Amusement Logic, each project is studied individually. It is developed taking into account the regulations in force in the locality where the project is to be situated, as well as a meticulous study of all the safety aspects, both active and passive.

Metallic structures
Hydraulic engineering
Civil engineering

In Amusement Logic we use the most modern computing software and we are specialised in creating designs, plans and studies such as:

Metallic and concrete structural calculations
Specifications of water games
Hydraulic engineering (movements, filtration and pumping)
Mechanical installations engineering (heating, ventilation and dehumidification)
Plumbing and sanitation
Electrical installations, high and low voltage and emergency
Interior and exterior lighting
Earthing network
Monitoring (alarms, CCTV, etc.)
Domotics and communications
Management and maintenance