Toyo Ito

Our obligation as architects is to contribute to the happiness of men.

Our projects arise from combining imagination with rationality, to accomplish original projects that are economically feasible. For this, it is necessary to bestow each idea with a unique character that differentiates and identifies it. We work to create projects of social transcendence, which go beyond borders and become emblematic references.

Our work is about creating illusions and for this we offer architecture, design, technology and a daring, multidisciplinary team, capable of imagining the unimaginable and solving different challenges in a unique way.

We only design and build projects that we truly believe will be successful and profitable for our clients in the long term. As such, Amusement Logic’s projects are not standard ones and they are developed according to our clients’ needs and the potential existing and future target-market demands. Therefore, our designs are created based on the data previously obtained from undertaken market studies.

In Amusement Logic, each leisure project (hotels, shopping centres, casinos, waterparks, aquariums, adventure centres…) represents an architectonic challenge, due to its originality, complexity and impact.

Our objective: to search for and always achieve surprising results. For this, we are supported by the company team, who together have more than 100 years of experience.

Our services:

  • Study of the objectives, requirements and investment of the project
  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Preparation of construction documents for tendering
  • Interior design
  • Selection of furniture and finishes
  • Branding
  • Study and development of prototypes
  • Project Management


We focus our efforts on exceeding our clients’ expectations and satisfying their needs.

Our demonstrated global experience. Our creative, unique and practical designs, have lead us to consolidate our reputation worldwide.

Our practical design-style brings design-experience, visionary skills and the industry know-how of our designers and engineers, to every project we undertake.We understand the leisure client and we know how to design the environments that fulfil their requirements.

Our projects are developed following the strictest of international quality standards.

We supply project-specific personalised services. For us, each project is different and should therefore be studied individually. We provide a touch of distinction, personality and exclusivity to any project that wishes to stand out from the rest. Designs with their own character, which adapt entirely to the environment and its needs.

We only design and build projects that we truly believe will be successful and profitable for our clients in the long term. After meeting with you / your team to determine the basic project needs and requirements, we prepare a master plan and preliminary designs that incorporate diverse elements.

We ensure that the different components of the facility are optimum in regards to its size and location in the available terrain, and as such, we guarantee that the project will be executed favourably from both a technical and financial point of view.

We can supply all the specialised products and services for the development, construction and management of all types of leisure and tourist facilities. Having just one party which deals with all of the project’s aspects, can be critical in obtaining important savings in investment and guaranteeing that the project is delivered within the agreed time period, and with the desired quality and budget.

We want to be seen as part of the client’s team, and not just simply a supplier, combining our efforts towards the goal of accomplishing a balanced and profitable project.