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Slide ABOUT SPECIALIZATION We offer a wide range of services and products for the protection of different surfaces, either on Roofs or on Pavements, manufactured on site and based on technology ( LAM ).

We develop and build protective coatings of all kinds, in different sectors such as: Industrial, Naval, Construction, Aquatic and Leisure regardless of their size or complexity both in restoration and new constructions, highlighting mainly: Parking roofs, Garden Roofs, Flat Roofs, Inverted Roofs, Terrace Roofs, Continuous Coatings, Microcements, Epoxy Coatings, lithium coatings, sports coatings, CarPark Deck (advanced) Coatings, Tanks, Swimming Pools and Dolphinariums.

Our infrastructure and human capital allow us to have a deep understanding of the needs and problems in each field. We have the capacity to offer the most adequate solution for each type of pathology, completely adapting to the needs and requirements of the project.

One of the main objectives is to optimize the profitability of our clients' investments, guaranteeing their constructions.

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Applications Amusement Logic - Waterproofing TECHNICAL WATERPROOFING Mechanical waterproofing is carried out by means of continuous sheet without joints.

These systems are particularly suitable for use on roofs and structures that involve significant movement. A highly elastic treatment is required, which does not crack and can resist the expansion of the support, with a 100% recovery capacity.
Concrete roofs Metal roofs Tanks and cisterns Ecological roofs Energy efficient roofs
Applications Amusement Logic - Waterproofing CONTINUOUS COATINGS In Amusement Logic we manufacture all types of continuous coverings such as wearing courses for both light and heavy traffic, self-levelling resin floors and high performance floors such a sporting or industrial floors, pavements with high chemical resistance to floors with health certificates or for leisure and commercial sector. Applications Amusement Logic - Anti-corrosion treatments. ANTI-CORROSION TREATMENTS We apply anti-corrosion treatments C5-I (Industrial) and C5-M (Marine), classified as the highest categories in resistance to atmospheric corrosion according to the updated standard PNE prEN ISO 12944 : 2017.

These treatments require very technical preparation and application procedures for each type of metal surface we treat.

Slide APPLICATIONS ONE SHOT CARPARK DECK We are the only authorised specialists in Spain to apply this revolutionary waterproofing system combined with a wearing course made in situ with an innovative application method developed for surfaces in direct contact with all types of traffic,  whether pedestrian or vehicular. Request a quote Contact us OTHER APPLICATIONS
CONVENTIONAL COATINGS We carry out all types of acrylic or polyurethane waterproofing, whether reinforced with fibreglass or not, even with thermally efficient materials that will dissipate part of the heat received by the roof, improving the building's thermal insulation. Thanks to the variety of products we apply, we can adapt the best solution to your needs. SATE SYSTEMS Exterior Thermal Insulation System for facades of homes and buildings that achieve energy efficiency through insulation that can have energy savings of between 30-35% or more. THERMAL INSULATIONS Different solutions in projected thermal materials that will instantly help improve the energy efficiency of the building. It is a field of  construction that is becoming fundamental with the increasing demand for  energy efficiency, we continue evolving and extending our variety of solutions in this type of applications. CONTINUOUS FLOORING High quality continuous pavements and coatings, with all the guarantees.
SWIMMING POOLS Waterproofing of swimming pools on all types of support and with different materials. Decoration, theming and slides.
SAFETY PAVEMENTS We install continuous rubber flooring specifically for parks, children's play areas or pool exteriors. They are anti-vibration, protects against falls and prevents accidents in children's play areas and children's sports courts, always complying with UNE 1177 regulations. Available both in tile and continuous.
FAÇADES Structural repair, painting and signage of all types of facades. We carry out work on both metal facades and building sites, offering a wide range of solutions to any type of problem that may arise. Our staff is properly trained in the use of all types of auxiliary means as well as working at high altitudes... THEMING PROJECTS We carry out integral waterproofing projects and applications on surfaces for special theming projects. ANTI-GRAFFITI TREATMENT Bothered about the graffiti on the facade? No problem. We have specific treatments for these types of issues.

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