Amusement Logic has put an end to the traditional concept of a swimming pool as it was known, converting it instead into areas of aquatic activities and relaxation suitable for all the family, where water is just one more element in a natural, fun environment.

We combine water with fun, landscape architecture, games and fantasy. So much more than pools!

Areas of water artificially divided with unique theming and integration, forming diverse zones of amusement: Swimming areas / Slides and games areas / Children’s areas / Exercise areas / Thalassotherapy areas / Relaxation areas.

We provide our clients with the following services and products, amongst others:

  • Concept design
  • Estimation of initial investment
  • Market research and feasibility studies
  • Architecture and engineering
  • Project Management

Construction, supply and installation of:

  • Construction of sprayed-concrete pools
  • Construction of plantrooms
  • Supply and installation of filtration and pumping systems and spa accessories
  • Construction of paving
  • Manufacture, transport and installation of aquatic games and attractions
  • Construction of artificial rocks
  • Manufacture, supply and installation of props and other decorative elements
  • Turnkey projects

An adequate water treatment system is vital in any project where water is present. For us in Amusement Logic, perfect filtration and water purification treatment is essential. As such, besides offering developed hydraulic engineering that complies with the strictest regulations in force, we supply and install hydraulic equipment and accessories of reputed international quality.

Filtration and purification of public swimming pools, pumps for water slides, water movement and waterfalls, equipment for the treatment of residual water, irrigation systems etc. We offer a complete range of water products for any leisure project – and of course, of the highest quality.