New 3D modelling system for leisure products

In Amusement Logic, we have recently incorporated a sophisticated 3D modelling manufacturing system, which allows us to create amazing recreational figures and elements.

With this highly profitable and flexible system, we can produce quality, customised products such as children’s leisure pools, slides, water games and slides, as well as interactive water jets.

This innovative system also provides endless possibilities in theming and decoration projects, for water parks, theme parks, swimming pools, hotels, zoos and other types of leisure facilities.

These large-scale complexes are a vital environment that groups together an infrastructure of services and amenities in one same space: hotels, leisure and amusement parks, shopping areas, sports complexes, cinemas, restaurants, etc., some of which even resemble mini-cities where visitors have all kinds of products and services within their grasp.

Our 3D system’s versatility gives us greater expressive autonomy, allowing us to reproduce highly complex and imaginative designs easily and more quickly, than with other more traditional construction techniques.

The 3D modelling system allows for a large production capacity. Just by using a 3D scanner and a specialised robot, we can manufacture complex, large-scale designs, in a short time and with little manpower, providing our clients with substantial reductions in costs. Our products are only manufactured with high-quality products, making them safe and long-lasting, resulting in lower maintenance costs and therefore additional savings. 

We will fulfil a double objective with the creation of our custom-made, eye-catching products for leisure and entertainment areas. On the one hand, we will ensure unforgettable, surprising and fun experiences for visitors and on the other, our clients will benefit from repeated, longer visits to their facilities, from friends and families.