Amusement Logic develops unique family leisure centres, adapted to a public of all ages, equipped with the most modern attractions, all of which is included in an intensely themed environment.

Thanks to the application of the most advanced theming and interior-design techniques, we are able to create spaces that change their appearance in time, making visitors feel like they are in completely new surroundings each time they repeat their visits.

Our extensive experience in the world of leisure has allowed us to develop such versatile complexes in which each family member can find activities that are perfectly adjusted to their age, motivations and mood.

Parents can leave their children in small nurseries to be minded by qualified monitors, whilst they do other activities or their shopping, if the leisure centre forms part of a shopping complex.

In this type of projects, we provide our clients the following services and products, amongst others:

Concept design
Estimation of initial investment
Market and feasibility studies
Architecture and engineering
Project management

Construction, supply and installation:

Manufacture, supply and installation of themed facades
Manufacture and supply of made-to-measure games
Theming and decoration

Video-game areas, team games, adventure and extreme sports parks…our leisure centres offer endless configuration possibilities that are easily adapted to any market, however demanding it may be.